Wooden Train Table Toys

Train Table

Fun for kids of all ages, a train table not only gives your child a spot to play with his or her trains, but they make the perfect place to store and keep train sets. With plenty of room to spread out, you child can build the railroad of his or her dreams using a variety of train tables with distinct features.

Train Table Brands

There is a variety of brands to choose from when it comes to picking a train table. Some brands to consider include KidKraft, Brio, Bigjigs, Imaginarium, EverEarth and Hape. These brands generally vary by the type of tables available, the size of the tables and their features. Brands like KidKraft are known for their attention to detail as well as multiple features that capture kids imaginations for hours on end.

Train Table Features

Train tables may differ by the features they offer. Some tables include pull-out drawers underneath the table that provide additional storage space for trains and accessories. Some tables offer a more elaborate setup that includes features like mountains, a waterfall, bridges and multiple buildings. For a more versatile experience, select a 2-in-1 table thats an activity table as well as a train table. This means that children can also use the train table as a LEGO table, art table or play table. Train tables with the tracks already glued on means that kids wont have a tough time assembling the train.

Train Table Sizes and Age Range

One of the factors to consider when purchasing a train table is the size of the table, as well as the ages for which the table is appropriate. Some tables are taller than others are and may be more appropriate for older children, though most tables are work well for ages three to eight. To ensure that you have enough room for the train table, measure your space before you purchase it so that you can ensure that it matches up with the train table youre buying to create a perfect fit.

Train Table Accessories

If your children already collect toys from LEGO or Thomas the Tank Engine, verify that the train table youre purchasing is compatible with those brands, as some train tables are meant to go with specific train and toy brands. Though many train tables come with accessories and toys that often include a track, trains and trees, buildings and houses, your child may want to enhance his or her set by adding people, cars, bridges and other accents. Make sure when you purchase accessories for your train table that they are the right scale and size so that they blend in seamlessly.