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Got one to sell?

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Wooden Watch Boxes, Cases and Winders

A watch is a tool, but in the age of ubiquitous connectivity and the Internet, the age of smartphones and glasses, a watch is also an accessory and a fashion statement. That means you may not be wearing it all the time, and even the most dedicated of watch-wearers will take it off for bed. That means you need somewhere to store it, somewhere that makes the watch look good, and lays it out for you in the morning. For this, watch boxes, cases, and winders are the ideal solution. They organise, protect, and secure your watch collection. Few things project class more than well-worked wood, and wooden watch storage cases are no exception to this. Many of these boxes accommodate multiple watches too, so you can keep them in one place and organise them according to brand, colour, or even mood.


Most cases have a little glass or plexiglass window on the lid so you can view the watches without opening the box, checking at a glance that they’re all in there. The lid itself not only keeps dust out, but also allows you to lock the box to provide an additional layer of security. Inside, the watches are secured onto the grid with their bands, meaning that a watch box is also a good way of transporting your watches when you’re travelling. With their regular, rectangular shape, watch boxes can be put in a drawer or left on top of a dresser.


These days, most watches are self-winding, which means there’s a bearing inside the watch that moves as the wearer goes about their day, and that kinetic energy is in turn used to charge the mechanism. Most watches can hold enough tension to last through the night, but if you’ve got multiple watches that sometimes go for a few days without being taken out of the cases, you may find that they’ve stopped. Watch winders are a specific type of watch case that help with this problem. The watch is mounted on a rotating element that provides the motion needed to keep your watch charged and running on time.

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