Warm Up With Wool Gloves & Mittens for Men

When it comes to keeping your hands nice and toasty in the winter weather, there's no better purchase than wool gloves or mittens. eBay has a full range of wool gloves and mittens for men, with various sizes, designs end brands available. If you're after the ultimate cold weather protection for your hands, look no further.

Why choose wool gloves & mittens for men

Whenever we come across the word "wool", we are transported to a world of snow and hot cocoa. Why? Simply because wool is the warmest natural material available. This is a good enough reason to choose wool gloves and mittens, especially when temperatures plunge pretty low.

In addition to its natural sourcing, wool is soft to touch and light in weight. Other benefits include:


Wool provides breathability as well as insulation. It preserves body temperatures, warming us up when the weather gets cold, and for better protection in extreme weather conditions, manufacturers often use Thinsulate for enhanced insulation.


Though not water-resistant, full woollen gloves do repel moisture – which means water generally falls straight off them. If you want water resistant gloves, you can instead find gloves that have wool on the inside, and another material on the outside – such as leather.

High quality

A very pertinent deciding factor is often financial. Good quality obviously doesn’t come cheap. However, where men are faced with budget constraints, they can easily opt for blended materials, as pure wool gloves are more expensive.

Choosing between mittens or gloves

You need to consider the weather extremes when choosing between gloves and mittens. Mittens, for example, provide better protection against the harsh cold since they have a single pocket for all fingers rather than separate pockets for each finger. So, if you're looking for ultimate warmth in the freezing weather, mittens are probably a better way to go.

When choosing gloves, the purpose is crucial to your selection for style. If you want to show off your flair at a dinner party, you might choose leather gloves with a wool interior. If you want to have traditional gloves that are easy to move your hands around in, or even the fingerless glove variety, wool is ideal.

When choosing your gloves

There are a few things to look for when it comes to choosing the right wool gloves and mittens for your winter adventures. To start with, gloves have layers – common options include a two-layer construction, three layers, and four layers. The more layers you have, the warmer your all hands will be.

You should also consider moisture management. You don't want your hands to get sweaty, so choose gloves that wick moisture away from the skin - like high quality wool does. The outer layer is also crucial as this is what will block the wind from hitting your hands. If you're buying gloves for snow activities, you'll also want to pay attention to the insulation levels of the gloves that you're interested in buying.

Finally, choose a colour. There are plenty of choices available, from greys to teal to navy blue – even multi-colour. Match your gloves to your wardrobe or go for something a little different. Whatever you need when it comes to wool gloves or mittens, you'll find it on eBay.