Wool Shag Rugs

Rugs and carpets are important elements of interior decor because they finish the look of the room and also keep the floor warm. Wool shag rugs are among one of the most luxurious types available and they complement any home. However, to keep them neat and tidy, you should know some tips and tricks and also choose the rug wisely.

Basics of Wool Shag Rugs

Wool shag rugs are soft and fluffy because of the high piles. This means that during manufacturing, the piles are cut higher than the regular ones. Higher piles means more material, so walking on a shag rug feels like walking on a cloud.

Using Wool Shag Rugs for Decorating Your Home

Thanks to their extreme softness, wool shag rugs are perfect for living rooms or any other place where you spend a lot of time and entertain guests. They are also comfortable to sit on if you like sitting on the floor or perfect for doing some morning exercises, such as yoga. Children also like them thanks to their fluffiness. The wool keeps warm, too, so get out your wool rugs for colder months. In terms of style, they work as a splash of colour and add texture to a room.

Types of Wool Shag Rugs

The shape of the fibres determines the type of a wool shag rug. Noodle rugs have thick noodle-shaped fibres and are very soft. However, these thick fibres also attract dirt and crumbs and are relatively difficult to clean. Shaggy wool rugs consist of thinner fibres that are closer together, making it harder for dust and other debris to get between them, so they are easier to clean.

Cleaning Wool Shag Rugs

Shag rug fibres could lodge in an upright vacuum cleaner and break it, so it is better to use a special upholstery attachment for cleaning the rug. Vacuum the rug slowly, row by row and also from the other side. Shaking or beating the rug outdoors helps to loosen the dirt particles. You could also leave the rug outside for a few hours and let the UV rays to kill the bacteria. Note that it could also damage its colour. You may also try to use a dry carpet shampoo.