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Men’s Wool Thermal Underwear

Wool has been used for warmth for thousands of years and remains in use to this day. It provides great insulation to keep you warm in cold weather: after all, it grew in the first place to insulate sheep. Wool fibres naturally create little air pockets that help to trap heat close to the skin. Merino wool is an especially popular material for thermal underwear and activewear. Merino is lighter and finer than regular wool and also has natural moisture-wicking properties, helping you to stay warm without getting sweaty. It is also softer, helping to avoid any itching in sensitive places and making it a great choice of material for men’s underwear.

Thermal Underwear

Thermal underwear made from insulating materials is ideal for staying warm in cold weather. It is also often used as a base layer for outdoor activities like hiking and cycling. Typically, thermal underwear is designed to fit close to the skin to make it easy to wear underneath your clothing. More sports-focused styles also often feature stretchy synthetics mixed in with the wool for more mobility. With thermals, coverage is king. Typically, thermal underwear consists of a long-sleeved undershirt and long johns that extend to the ankles. These can be bought separately or as a set. Some people also prefer one-piece thermal underwear that covers both the legs and the torso. This style gives warm air fewer ways to escape, increasing the effectiveness of its insulation.

Thermal Base Layers

While some thermal underwear is designed for winter lounging, other styles are built for active wear. Wool thermal base layers are typically rated by their weight, often in terms of grams per square metre. Heavier fabric means more insulation and more warmth. Wool, particularly merino, provides more warmth than most synthetics at a given weight, giving you less load to carry around. Many styles also feature performance-focused construction details. Flatlocked seams prevent chafing, while hoods and thumb holes allow you to extend a base layer’s coverage even further.

Other Materials

Men’s wool underwear is not the only style of thermal underwear available for men. Cotton thermal underwear does not offer all of the performance benefits of wool, but it is typically less expensive and can be very comfortable. Synthetic thermal underwear comes in a huge range of styles from lightweight polyester fabric to heavy-duty fleeces. These can offer great insulation and moisture-wicking capabilities, and are often cheaper than wool. Bamboo is lightweight, soft and cool, while silk is extremely soft and also a very good insulator.

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