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Got one to sell?

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World Cup Soccer Trading Cards

When it comes to soccer trading cards, the World Cup trading cards are amongst the most desired ones. Every four years, the best of the best footballers join their national teams and play a series of matches which determine the nation to hold the title World's Champion. Every player is immortalised with a personal soccer card or sticker which has a value that almost certainly increases over time.

Consider Volume and Manufacturer

The print edition of trading cards today is a lot larger now than it was a long time ago. Those looking for World Cup 2014 or Euro 2016 soccer trading cards will find a lot more items to buy than individuals looking for cards from events that happened several decades ago. Rarity increases price, so smaller prints can have a higher price. More than one company might have secured the rights to create a card collection for a specific World Cup year, so don't forget to check the card manufacturer you need. The same footballer on a card from different manufacturers may also have different value due to availability and print volume.

Card Condition

The chance of finding cards in excellent condition also decreases with time, so don't be too picky when you are looking for something old. Mint condition cards might not always be available, so consider purchasing a used one if it completes your collection.

Cards vs. Packs vs. Collections

Even though a long time has passed since some of the World Cups, you may still find trading card packs that have never been opened. If you need a lot of cards or love the experience of uncovering lost treasure, buying a pack without knowing its contents is an interesting choice. World Cup soccer trading cards are also sold as complete or incomplete collections. Purchasing an incomplete collection might be an excellent choice if you have the cards to complete it, as its value will drastically increase. The value of complete card collections also increases over time, so buying one today might turn out to be a great investment after several years.

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