World Drums

World Drums

Drums have been a big part of music for centuries. In many countries, their traditional music often centres around drumming that creates a beat for people to dance to. If you are into playing drums, why not check out traditional style drums from other countries, and learn how to play? Learning how to play percussion instruments teaches rhythm and musical knowledge such as different tempos.

Bongo Drums

Bongos are surely one of the most popular style of drums and you will find them in the music from many countries. They are typically Afro-Cuban but are also in Egyptian, Puerto Rican and South American music. Bongo drums have a higher pitch sound compared to other drums and you can play them by hitting your fingers and palms onto the edge of the drumheads.

Djembe Drums

A Djembe drum looks like a goblet and has rope tuned skin covering hard wood. It is a very versatile drum that can produce many sounds and is very loud so it you can hear it over vocals. Traditionally in Africa, this drum is only for men, and it is very rare to see a woman play one, but that does not mean that you cannot try it here in Australia. You can hear the Djembe drum in many Western artists music, including Paul Simon and it also features in Cirque du Soleil.

Cajon Drums

The Cajon drum is a box shape and usually made from a thin wood such as plywood. It originates from Peru but African and Latin American countries also love its sound. You can play it with your hands or other instruments such as sticks, mallets or brushes. Some modern versions have stretched cords across the top to give a buzz-like tone.

Ibo Drums

The Ibo drum hail from the African nation of Nigeria and has a wide range of sounds. It is easy to play and while traditional Ibo drums use clay, modern day drums are often fibreglass. You can also find models that have a microphone built into the shell.