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Xerox Laser Printer

Xerox is an American company known for its production of laser printers and other document solutions for business or personal use. Xerox laser printers offer a range of functionality, from simple solutions to laser printers with a more robust feature set. In Australia Xerox printers are distributed by Fuji Xerox, an American and Japanese collaboration for distribution in the Asia Pacific region.

Laser and Inkjet

There are two types of computer printers available on eBay, either inkjet or laser. Inkjet printers use ink sprayed through microscopic nozzles onto the paper, whereas laser printers use a heated fuser and toner cartridge. As a result both have different strengths. Laser printers are superior at printing black and white text documents and will print them significantly faster than an inkjet printer. They are more accurate at rendering smaller font sizes. In addition, laser printers have a lower ongoing cost per printed page than inkjet printers and require less ongoing maintenance than inkjet printers.


Xerox offer a range of laser printers to suit a variety of different needs. There are for example Xerox duplex computer printers which are able to automatically print on both sides of paper. If A3 size colour printing is required there is the Xerox DocuPrint C5005d. On the other hand, if a smaller printer is desirable for home or small office use there is the Xerox Wireless DocuPrint P265dw.

Toner cartridge

Eventually you need to change your toner. There is a wide range of replacement toner cartridges available in both branded and generic versions, including Xerox branded cartridges. However, not every type of toner cartridge is compatible with every computer printer. Each toner cartridge has a particular code that will signify what printer it is compatible with. Make sure when replacing your toner cartridge to reference your computer printers manual as to not purchase an incompatible replacement.

Maintenance and Safety

Xerox laser printers require occasional cleaning to be kept maintained. As each particular computer printer may differ design-wise it is prudent to refer to the particular computer printers manual for appropriate cleaning techniques. Do not under any circumstance clean a laser printer whilst it is turned on, as the laser technology generates high temperatures and could result in serious burns. If toner is spilt, remember to use specifically designed toner clean-up cloths and do not wash it off your hands with warm or hot water as this can cause a significant injury.