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YAMATO Resin Action Figures

Yamato USA offers resin, diecast and PVC statues and miniature collectable figures from anime, manga, video games and DC comics. Yamato works with artists and sculptors to produce high quality figures for collectors across the globe. If you are looking for collector quality action figures, you can look to the range of Yamato figures to expand or start your collection.


Yamato works with several well-known Japanese artists. Hajime Sorayama is well known for his artwork featuring female figures. He has been working in feminised robotic figures and fantasy art for much of his career. Wei Ho has been working as a 3D artist for years, and has designed a line of fantasy figurines for Yamato. Luis Royo is an artist and illustrator of fantasy and science fiction. His statues include both DC characters and figures from their fantasy line.

DC Characters

Yamato has a line of DC character action figures in resin. These 1/6 scale statues and are high quality and suit any collector's display. Yamato carries both heroes and villains, such as Batman, Wonder Woman and Superman for the heroes and the Joker, Harley Quinn and Poison Ivy for the villains.

Other Characters

Yamato's Greek mythology collection is also 1/6 scale. These statues are primarily of Greek goddesses, though Zeus is also represented. Medusa is the only non-goddess statue in this series. Resin action figures are also available from various manga and anime characters.


Yamato's resin statues are quality artwork that come with a higher price. If you are looking for a more affordable way to break into collecting action figures, consider Yamato PVC action figures. They are not lower quality, but you can expect a different look due to the material. There are DC and Greek mythology figures as well as manga and anime figures all represented in PVC.