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YongNuo Camera Flashes

Photographic equipment company YongNuo produces a wide range of flashes and other photographic and videographic lighting solutions. Their LED camera flashes are both powerful and versatile.


YongNuo is a Chinese photographic equipment company dedicated to building camera accessories and lenses. They design and manufacture third-party equipment for major camera companies such as Canon and Nikon. YongNuo is most famous for its camera flashes and flash accessories, but the company also builds other photography equipment such as lens filters and LED lights.

YongNuo Flashes

While cameras often feature a built-in flash, many photographers prefer to use dedicated flash units for the increased control, power and freedom of placement. YongNuo makes several different camera flash designs to suit different applications and users. YongNuo shoe mount camera flashes are those designed to attach to the hot shoe found on top of most interchangeable lens cameras, including designs like the YN568EX III. Many of YongNuo’s shoe mount flashes can be used as master flashes, which are triggered by the camera’s shutter activation and sync up with off-camera flashes for multi-source illumination of a scene. They can typically also be used handheld for greater versatility.

Flash Triggers

As well as flashes, YongNuo also designs and manufactures flash triggers. These allow you to trigger one or more off-camera flashes simultaneously, giving you much more control over how your scene is illuminated. Flash triggers can be built into a flash or come as stand-alone units. Flash trigger features depend on the particular model of trigger. The most basic will only fire the flashes and require you to manually adjust each of them, which can be tedious if you have a larger number of flash units. More advanced flash commanders allow you to adjust compatible flashes remotely.

LED Lighting

As well as their camera flashes, YongNuo also produces constant-on LED lamps for illuminating a scene. These are particularly useful for video production. Some of these lighting units, like the YN128, can be mounted on a hot shoe for convenient illumination. Others are designed to be held in the hand, often higher-powered models like the YN100LED 100 watt Sun Light. Many of YongNuo’s lights are capable of outputting coloured light, allowing you to achieve interesting lighting effects for film and photography.

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