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Australia is world-famous for its amazing coastal waters and inland waters, and there’s no better way to experience these wonders of nature than with a yacht. With a yacht, you don’t have to go home at the end of the day, and with a yacht you can wake up surrounded by unspoilt, blue nature. Think of a yacht as a campervan for the sea, with a few more specialised bits and pieces to really get the most out of them. First off, yachts are typically also sailboats, meaning they can get around without the use of an engine. This is especially helpful when you go fishing, since less noise means less disturbance of the fish. For that reason, you’ll want to consider a fishfinder as one of the bits and pieces on your yacht, assuming it didn’t come with one built in.

Buying a Yacht

There are a bunch of things to consider when you buy a yacht; most of which centre around keeping in mind the future cost of maintenance. For starters, while it can be tempting to buy the biggest boat you can find; maintenance costs go up exponentially with size. Look for a yacht that you can’t just afford now, but which still comfortably fits your situation as you start to near retirement. Remember also that boats devalue pretty heavily, especially in the first decade, and then there’s the inevitable refits and maintenance. Get as good an idea of these costs as you can and use that to budget, rather than just the tag price on the boat.


When you go out yachting there’s a bunch of safety equipment you should simply never do without. The big one is of course a personal floatation device with light and whistle and whatnot. You’ll also want a radio to send out distress calls, and finally having some kind of lifeboat on hand is also helpful. For that, and also just to get around more quickly, it can be a good idea to have something along the lines of a semi-inflatable boat in tow.

Other Sailboats

All yachts are sailboats, but not all sailboats are yachts. There are sailboats in plenty of sizes made for anything from leisurely cruising down rivers or closely along the coast to intense racing. While most boats of appropriate size can be used for any of the above, the best results come from having a purpose-built boat.

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