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Yamaha Audio Receivers

Long known as one of the best manufacturers in electronics, Yamaha audio receivers are a must in your home if you want crystal-clear sound and audio and a perfect picture. The right A/V receiver, or audio receiver, will process audio and visuals perfectly both to your screen and to your speakers. Depending on your preferences and needs, there are several Yamaha types to choose from when it comes to receivers.

Dolby Options

Most modern audio receivers will contain Dolby features, such as Dolby Atmos audio receivers. Around for decades, Dolby is essentially a complete system that helps reduce overall noise. It was extremely popular when audio cassettes were in their heyday, particularly because it eliminated extraneous noise and hiss. Today, Dolby has expanded into reducing all types of noise. Look for it as part of most modern Yamaha receivers, as it’s also part of the surround sound system as well.

Channel Options

A standard receiver will come complete with five channels, and this is commonly referred to as 5.1 channels. This allows you the ability to have sound come through a right, left, right surround, left surround and centre speaker. However, some audio receivers, including many of Yamaha’s styles, now feature 7.1, or seven channels, allowing for two more additional hookups. For more powerful, brilliant sound, the seven-channel option is a good consideration.


Other features of many modern Yamaha receivers include HDMI hookup, ultra HD with 4K resolution, a USB port, Internet connectivity and many more options that allow connectivity like never before. Many units have up to six HDMI hookups, allowing you to connect to multiple devices and sources, so you can watch media and movies from much more than your television or stereo.

Vintage Units

In addition to modern units that provide Bluetooth and Internet connectivity, there are also many vintage units available, and many audiophiles prefer these. Consider vintage units to connect to an antique record player, cassette player or older Yamaha stereos.

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