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While there are many brands of candles, few come close to the quality, the sense of calm and the scents offered by Yankee Candles.

Back in 1969 a young boy, Mike Kittredge, decided to make his mother a candle for a Mother's Day present. His neighbour saw the candle and asked him to make them one too. And that was the birth of Yankee Candles. Now, 40 years later, Yankee candles produce an unparalleled range of scented candles, candleholders, accessories, and dinnerware.

It takes about 10 hours to make a single jar candle in the Yankee Candle factory, and they make approximately 75 million jar candles each year. While they have an amazing range of exciting scents from a Mediterranean Breeze to Balsam and Cedar to choose from, only 50 new scents are added in one year.

Variety of scents

Yankee Candles have worked hard to find the fragrances that appeal to our senses. Some suggest home, others holidays; some evoke the seasons like Balsam and Cedar which has a distinctly autumnal feel, with aromatic cedar and juniper berry blend. A midsummers night is a more masculine scent, with a blend of musk, sage and mahogany cologne. Or Macintosh with an apple fragrance that smells uncannily like the real thing. Or take a trip to the tropics with Coconut beach, a warm coconut blend with pineapple and vanilla. Whatever you're looking for, there'll be a Yankee Candle to meet your needs.

And, while Yankee Candles have some traditional scents like their best seller Pink Sands, they also have a large whimsical range of scents with fun names like Mmmm, Bacon!, Man Town, Summer Scoop and Whiskers of Kittens! It's this ability to create scents for all occasions and not take themselves too seriously in the process that has resulted in Yankee Candles becoming one of the best-selling candle ranges in the world.

Large jar candle

This provides over 110 hours of a delightful fragrant scent in your home. It's the iconic Yankee Candle jar, which can always be upcycled afterwards and used as a vase for a floral arrangement. Every large Yankee Candle is made with a natural-fibre wick to allow for the best possible burn, premium-grade paraffin and the finest ingredients to create a stunning fragrance.

Large 2-wick tumbler candles

These modern sleek shaped jars can accentuate your home décor. As a stand-alone on a side table, or with a cluster of smaller candles and flowers they create an interesting feature piece on a mantel or table. These soy wax blend Tumblers have two wicks to create extra ambience and enhance the fragrant experience.

Tea light candles

These low even flamed candles can add maximum impact when displayed in a group or paired with a Yankee Candle Tea Light Holder. They burn for up to six hours and are a great mood lighting enhancer.

Yankee Candles also boasts a large range of scented oils, air fresheners and diffusers. So your house or your car will stay smelling divine. Treat yourself to a scented candle today on eBay.