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Yellow Gold Fine Bracelets

Fine bracelets project an air of sedate luxury. They’re not ostentatious, but they are eye-catching. Yellow gold is the archetypal gold, the colour immediately communicates its nature. It is often thought of as being more pure, as it is closest in colour to pure, unadulterated gold. Pure gold is very soft though, and even yellow gold is usually mixed with some copper and/or zinc. The higher the carat, the higher the gold content. Rings are usually made out of gold that’s between 18k and 14k, but with bracelets there are often links moving against each other, which already increases wear and tear. As such, fine bracelets made from yellow or any other colour gold tend to have lower carat, or else the links may be thicker to compensate. Thicker links made from purer gold will obviously come in at a higher price point though.


If you’re shopping for a bracelet to wear on special occasions, a 18k yellow gold fine bracelet with a thinner, more delicate chain will serve just fine. The other option is to go for a bangle rather than a chain. With a bangle you can get away with higher carats for the same reason rings can have higher carats. Bangles are a rather different style though, and might not always work for your outfit. Some ensembles call for a chain, whether delicate or thick, such as when you’re going out to a nice dinner or event.


You can easily filter for chains, bangles, cuffs and beaded bracelets with or without diamonds and gemstones, as well as specify a range of carats you’d like to look at. These go all the way up to 24 carats, which is pure gold without filler or alloy.

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