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Men’s Yellow Gold Chains and Necklaces

Men don’t have to be scared to wear jewellery. A yellow gold chain or necklace is a tasteful and classic way to add some more interest to an outfit.

Yellow Gold

Pure gold is pretty but it is also a very soft metal, too soft for most practical uses. Gold jewellery is almost always made from gold blended with other metals to give it some extra strength. Gold purity is measured in carats, with 24 carats referring to pure gold. At the other end of the scale, 9K gold is made from 27.5 per cent pure gold with the rest being made up of other metals. Purer gold is typically more expensive, has a deeper yellow hue and is softer than lower carat varieties.

Men’s Chain and Necklace Designs

Men’s chains and necklaces are typically less elaborate than women’s. Men’s jewellery generally tends towards simple designs. Designs like the curb chain, which is made up of large interlocking links, and the tightly linked snake chain are very popular for plain solid metal jewellery. The simple gold chain is not the only option for men, though. Men’s pendants range from simple designs to flashier diamond-encrusted statement pieces. The bigger, shinier styles might turn a few heads, but that isn’t necessarily a bad thing.

Men’s Gold Plated jewellery

A gold necklace, especially high-purity gold, can be very expensive. Gold plated men’s jewellery is popular as an alternative. A very thin layer of gold is plated over a cheaper, more durable metal to give the look of high-purity gold at a more affordable price. This is especially useful when it comes to larger, heavier gold chain designs. Gold filled jewellery is a similar concept, but uses a much thicker layer of gold over the base metal. This makes it much less susceptible to wearing off over time.

Other Men’s Metal jewellery

Yellow gold jewellery is classic and stylish but it isn’t the only option for style-conscious men. White gold is another popular metal for men’s chains. Yellow gold is blended with other metals like nickel or palladium and then plated with rhodium for an extremely shiny silver-coloured finish. A silver chain is another option with a similar appearance to white gold. Lighter coloured jewellery metals like white gold and silver are often thought to be more flattering to cooler skin tones, while yellow gold can make those same skin tones appear washed out.

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