Got one to sell?

Got one to sell?

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Z-Flex, taking skateboarding to a different dimension

Who are Z-Flex?

Z-Flex is a pioneering skateboarding company who are at the top of their game thanks to their innovative and creative thinking, influenced by the California Surfing scene and as such, their skateboards move in a fluid 'surfy' style. They have developed skateboards in a completely unique manner, which has allowed the company to provide skateboarders with boards which have completely revolutionised the entire skateboarding industry.

What are the boards made from?

A skateboard is made from a deck, which is the part that you stand upon. The Z Flex decks are made from 7-ply Canadian hard rock maple which combines the best balance of flexibility and durability, connected to the deck are the trucks, which hold the wheels to the board, and then, of course, the wheels, which take you wherever you need to go.

How do I choose a Skateboard?

The vast selection of Z-Flex boards means that whether you want a 'complete' board, a 'deck', a 'cruiser', a 'longboard' or a 'limited edition' board; you can find it on eBay. The way that you can choose a skateboard is dependent upon what you require the board for, whether you are an advanced rider looking to develop your tricks, or whether you are just looking for a board to help you beat the morning traffic jam. No matter what you require a board for, or what level your skateboarding is at, on eBay you can find options of skateboard that are right for you.

Types of Board

Z-Flex's longboards have three distinctive shapes, a kicktail, roundtail and pintail. The kicktail has a bold design and is great for the street racer, available in an assortment of colours, whilst The roundtail is an 'easy going', Sunday morning embodiment of a skateboard, taking you cruising wherever you want to go. Finally, The pintail has a true 'surfer' quality, hinting at the roots that these surfboards came from, with simple, wood tones.'The cruiser' relies on natural free style and strength, these boards are beautiful pieces of arts, the boards hint at the designs used in the 1990's with a modern twist.

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