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Find you shoe needs from A to Z with Zimmermann women's shoes on eBay

Zimmermann is a popular Australian clothing and shoe brand for women. Founded in 1991 by the Zimmermann sisters, the brand focuses on bringing highly stylish, chic and functional shoe design for women of all ages. Owned and operated by its founders, Zimmerman features a range of different types of formal, semi-formal and casual Zimmermann shoes right here on eBay. They are available in different colours, prints and sizes.

The sisters opened their first boutique in Sydney. Thanks to their impeccable design sense, the brand quickly took off and became one of the most influential women's clothing and shoe brand in Australia.

Shoes for classy and modern women Run by sisters Simone and Nicky, the popular brand has a large following because of how meticulous and sophisticated all their shoe designs are.

Zimmerman platform brogues, heels and casual slip-ons can help you bring out the fashionista in you. They have shoes for a wide variety of occasions and situations, complementing your business attire as well as your cocktail and casual dresses. There is something for a huge array of women.

Type of shoes you should consider putting in your collection

Platform brogues These sophisticated shoes are simple yet boast an incredible design ethic and style, great for wearing and semi-formal occasions. But you can also rock them under a classic pair of jeans and a nice top. The brogues come in different colours and designs.

Floral flats Another beautiful collection by Zimmermann, floral flats offer the best function when you talk about summer weekend getaways and cocktail parties. The shoes are available in unique floral prints and colours and designed to complement your own personal collection of women's dresses and skirts.

If you’re looking for some classy women’s shoes, you'd be smart to give Zimmermann a try. Check out the awesome collection on eBay today and find a pair that suits your style.