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Go straight to the source for great Aussie fashion with Zimmermann women's asymmetrical skirts from eBay

From minis to midis, wraps to floor length, asymmetric hemlines are a popular look and a fantastic way to show off your beautiful legs. With a huge variety of colours and designs, choosing the style you love isn’t always easy – but it’s certainly a lot of fun. Australian brand Zimmermann is acing the asymmetrics with the goal of providing something to suit every taste.

About Zimmermann

Founded in the early 1990s, Zimmermann is a luxury Australian fashion brand that was founded by two sisters – Nicky and Simone (Zimmermann). The brand has humble beginnings, when Nicky started designing in her parent’s garage and selling her clothing at the Paddington Markets in Sydney. The response from the public was so positive, her sister soon joined her and they expanded the business and created the brand. Every year, the two women present a new line of Zimmermann women’s clothing.

From ready to wear dresses and tops, to skirts and shorts, swimwear and beach accessories, Zimmermann have a full range to fill your wardrobe. However, it’s the asymmetrical skirts and dresses that have proven to be some of their most popular items.

Is asymmetric the style for you?

The good thing about asymmetric skirts and dresses is that they are suitable for any height. Often, women who are shorter find it hard to wear long skirts, while women who are taller might find the opposite. Asymmetic hemlines provide the best of both worlds – short on one side, long on the other; or short in the front, long in the back. And with a huge range of colours and patterns available, you’re can find a style you love.

Zimmermann provides a range of sizing options as well, so check out the range of asymmetric hemlines on eBay today to find a design that suits your personal style.