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Zero-Turn Riding Lawn Mowers

If youve never heard of one, a zero turn lawn mower may sound like it cant be turned around - not very useful - but that would be far from the truth. Zero turn refers to these unique ride-on mowers ability to turn on their axis - literally rotate on the spot. Traditional ride-on lawn mowers require a radius to turn, meaning you often need to travel further than the grass youre cutting and double over already cut grass, particularly when tackling the perimeter and corners of the lawn or paddock. Meanwhile, a zero turn mower can simply turn 180 degrees on the spot and head in the other direction to cut another strip. This offers a more efficient grass cutting pattern and a massive time saver for professional groundskeepers and consumers with sizeable land.

Other advantages of zero turns

Compared to lawn tractors or traditional ride-on mowers, zero turn mowers offer significantly faster cutting speeds, with the former cutting at around 5-7km/h and the latter capable of around 8-13km/h. Some commercial zero turn lawn mowers can cut grass at speeds of up to 21km/h! Zero turn mowers can cut closer to obstacles and perimeters than traditional ride-ons and learning how to handle one is relatively easy.

Where is the steering wheel?

Instead of using the front wheels to turn like most ride-on mowers, zero turns are rear wheel steered and operators utilise two handles - each driving one of the wheels in forward or reverse depending if the operator pulls or pushes the handle. Rotating on the spot is achieved by pushing one handle forward and pulling the other back.

eBay features a range of zero turn mowers from well known brands like Husqvarna, Hustler, Victa, Cub Cadet, Ferris and Toro. Weve also got a full range of lawn mower parts and accessories to suit most makes and models, from ride-on mowers and zero turns, to your everyday backyard push mowers.

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