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adidas Black Athletic Shoes for Men

Keep it Classic with Black Adidas Sneakers

Since its birth in 1949, Adidas has become synonymous with athletic footwear. After starting out in a washroom in a small Bavarian town, Adidas rapidly evolved into a global sports icon, battling it out with other major sportswear brands like Nike and Puma – which was founded in the same town as Adidas.

The German brand’s numerous symbolic logos are instantly associated with all of its leading products, none more so than its selection of black Adidas sneakers.

Impossible is Nothing

Adidas was created with the goal of providing high quality footwear to professional athletes, and with gold medals won by Olympians donning some of the first pairs of black Adidas sports shoes ever made, that milestone was soon passed.

This professional athlete focus has continued to form the foundation of what Adidas is all about, with leading sporting figures like Lionel Messi wearing black Adidas soccer boots in recent years.

Now, popular black Adidas trainers come in all different shapes and sizes, for different sports, at different price points.

From track shoes to Yeezys

Like many sports footwear brands, Adidas branched out into lifestyle apparel, paving the way for new sneaker designs to make their way into mainstream society.

In the mid 80’s, hip hop group ‘Run DMC’ rocked Adidas kicks for their song “My Adidas”, which was the first time pop-culture had embraced a sportswear brand in such a way.

Fast forward 30 years and rapper Kanye West dropped his Yeezy line, which has been a hit with sneakerheads.

Iconic black kicks

Whether its black soccer boots or black Yeezys, the black Adidas sneaker should be a mainstay in everyone’s shoe collection.

Classic black Adidas Superstars are a great option to go for if you’re looking for an affordable all rounder but in reality, when in the market for black Adidas sneakers, the possibilities are endless.

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