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A true Parisian parfumerie 

Diptyque is an iconic Parisian brand; a true purveyor of authentic luxury. The pioneering company emphasises the art of living through the senses. Founded by three friends, Christiane Montadre-Gautrot, Yves Coueslant and Desmond Knox-Leet, in 1961, Diptyque originally produced fabrics. But the company soon introduced candles and perfumes to its repertoire. The original location at 34 Boulevard Saint-Germain in Paris disrupted the traditional neighbourhood and created a delightful and wondrous concept store where shoppers flocked to immerse themselves in Diptyque's eclectic spirit. 

Where does Diptyque seek inspiration? 

Diptyque is forever innovative, reinventive and revolutionary. Scents come from all manner of sources, including spices, fresh flowers, powders and oils. When a natural scent doesn't exist, Diptyque breaks away from traditional perfumery codes. To bottle the atmosphere of its flagship store on Boulevard Saint-Germain, for example, Diptyque used the modern technology of headspace. This pioneering practice involves creating glass bubbles that were originally designed to capture the scent molecules of rare flowers, found only in inaccessible places. 

Where does Diptyque source its ingredients? 

Diptyque's premium quality is evident in raw materials, sourced from all over the world: Sandalwood from Mysore; vanilla from Madagascar; and geraniums, lilacs and wild currants from a garden in Normandy. 

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