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.Ellesse is a sports clothing company that was founded in Italy in 1959, and has since grown to world renowned popularity for its classic designs and timeless style. It originally skyrocketed to popularity during the 1970s when it primarily produced ski wear, including quilted jackets and pants. The jet pant produced in 1979 had additional padding around the knees and a wide leg to fit a ski boot, and was featured at the Pompidou Centre in Paris. Ellesse also created pieces of tennis and even included a tennis ball combined with a pair of skis on its logo.

Ellesse Shirts for Men

Ellesse has created a wide range of t-shirts that are perfect for sports, casual wear, and heading to the gym. They are created with 95% cotton and 5% elastane to ensure a comfortable and stretchy fit. Cotton is a fantastic natural product that helps control moisture, insulate for warmth, provide comfort, resist the weather, remain hypoallergenic, and has great durability. Elastane fibres on the other hand have a high degree of comfort with plenty of freedom of movement. Elastane also helps retain the shape and minimises creasing. For this reason, these t-shirts are the optimal combination to throw into your gym bag for your next work out session.

Ellesse Pants for Men

Ellesse has created a range of track pants to pair with the t-shirts. These track pants come in a variety of colours. Track pants are the ultimate addition to any outfit, and sport chic has now become a staple clothing choice for daily wear. Even outside the gym, these comfortable pants are the way to go. They have ribbed trims to optimise fit, an elasticated waistband, large pockets for storage, and the signature Ellesse branding. There are cargo style pants, created out of a cotton blend. Choose whether you would prefer khaki, grey, navy, brown, grey, or black joggers to meet your daily needs. The other style of pants available are track pants made from Polyamide blends which have high durability, strength, and weather resistance.

Ellesse Men’s Trainers

The trainers created by Ellesse are both stylish and practical. There are a variety of styles, including sneakers made from leather and suede combinations. Some of the designs feature the Ellesse logo prominently, while others are a little more subtle. The shoes available come in black, white, and other colour combinations to make you stand out. Ellesse was one of the first brands that put logos on the outside of their trainers to flaunt the brand with a statement logo. Some of the trainers are created from the brand’s tennis roots with an archive jacquard tongue, oversized quarter panel contrast print branding, heritage Ellesse orange sock, and tonal waxed cotton laces.

Ellesse Mens Slides

Another popular item of clothing which has comfort and style in mind, are the iconic sliders. Ellesse has created a range of slides in colours including white, blue, navy, black, camo, or similar. There are other Ellesse men’s shoes available on eBay, with many styles preloved and at a discount price. There is also the opportunity to find discontinued, vintage Ellesse shoes, bringing back the styles from the 70s.

Ellesse Activewear for Women

Ellesse has also created a range of active wear for women, with the retro-modern designs including rip-away track pants, cropped hoodies, tennis or squash dresses, statement track pants, casual hoodies, and windbreakers. There are plenty of new styles along with vintage styles available for sale on Ebay, with the cotton, polyester, and elastane blends remaining of high quality even after many years of use. For any sporty girl, Ellesse should be a go-to brand in the closet for style and comfort.

Ellesse Hoodies for Women

The hoodies available for women include casual hoodies that feature the large iconic logo on top of one coloured large hoodie. These simple styles are great to throw over any outfit, or to stay cuddled up on your couch. The cropped hoodies provide a bit more of a fashion statement, as they combine some of the iconic designs and colours to stand out from the crowd. Taking inspiration from styles popular in the 70s, these cropped hoodies can be paired with track pants, or jeans for a laid back but on-trend look. 

Both hoodie varieties are created out of cotton, making them extremely comfortable, warm, and easy to wash. Ellesse has also created sweatshirts that are great to throw on after a workout or zip-up hoodies to pair with track pants for a cool-down. The zip up hoodies and sweatshirt use a polyester blend as the perfect cheaper option for reduced crinkling and flexible material. Make sure to check out eBay’s collection of preloved clothing to get some truly vintage styles.

Ellesse Shoes for Women

Ellesse has also created a range of shoes for women, including sliders, canvas pumps, athletic running shoes, and leather trainers. Choose what sport you need the shoes for, and you will be able to find the appropriate footwear. Whether it is for tennis with white soles and smooth bottoms, running shoes with textured soles, or shoes to jazz up an outfit with. The slides are a great option to have when you are travelling, for public showers, or simply to walk around comfortably in your own home.

Ellesse Jackets

Whether you need a lightweight jacket to throw over your gym clothes after a workout, a windbreaker to keep you well insulated during your runs, or a full zip-up winter jacket, then Ellesse has you covered. The brand uses modern textures and materials combined with retro styles.  There are puff jackets, windbreakers, or the extremely comfortable hoodies with large inside pockets, sports hood collar, and stitched logos on the chest. The jackets have a 100% polyester lining and fill making it easy to keep clean, also ensuring that it dries fast and you don’t need to worry about wrinkles when transporting it. The puff jackets also fold up to be very small, so they are a great addition to keep in your backpack while hiking.