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The larger than life iPhone XS Max

Unleash the power of the iPhone XS Max, a large yet elegant Apple smartphone. Packed with advanced features and made with high-quality materials, this device offers everything you'd need in modern life. 

Take professional-quality shots on the camera, or stream the latest movies in high definition. Available in silver, space grey or gold, there's something to suit your personal tastes. Or, go for the iPhone XS for a smaller model with serious potential. 

A stunning display

A bold 6.5-inch screen offers edge-to-edge display, letting you view images and watch shows with a borderless feel. As the screen flows to the edge of the bezel, the home button is replaced with more screen. This makes way for a boundless display. Touch and swipe gestures and the side button are used in lieu of a dedicated home button. 

The Super Retina OLED display features a 2688x1242p resolution, showing you amazingly crisp details, whilst an exceptionally wide colour gamut shows thousands of colours. To make your screen easier on the eyes, a six-channel light sensor adjusts the white balance on the screen to match the natural light around you. 

Surgical-grade stainless steel frames the extra-strong glass screen, keeping it water-resistant in depths of up to 2m for up to thirty minutes. The durable screen, paired with water resistance, makes it the perfect device to take with you on your adventures. 

Shoot like a pro

A 12MP rear dual-camera and 7MP front camera capture amazing shots, even if the subject is moving or you're in the dark. Smart HDR actively works to enhance the highlights and shadows in every shot, adding more eye-catching detail. 

Create the perfect portrait shots with the adjustable Depth Control function. This lets you choose the amount of bokeh in your shots, blurring out the background and keeping the subject in focus. The TrueDepth selfie camera also offers a great focus and background blur, letting you take amazing portraits however you want. 

Larger, deeper camera sensor pixels let in more light so you can take stunning shots even in low-light environments. Or freeze a moving subject in your shot thanks to the Smart HDR working together with the lack of any shutter lag. This lets you capture a quick-moving subject in high detail. 

The portrait camera automatically detects and maps faces in the shot, automatically focusing and applying stunning Portrait Lighting effects. 

Face ID

One of the most exciting changes from the previous models is the introduction of Face ID. This function lets you unlock your device without the touch of a button. Infrared sensors and a dot projector analyse your face and learn it over time, recognising you with glasses or a hat. 

You can also use Face ID to log into various apps and accounts, keeping all of your files safe and sound. Or use it with Apple Pay in shops or online. 

On the inside

These Apple smartphones come different amounts of storage space. The 64GB iPhone XS Max is perfect for everyday use, apps and cloud storage. Or, go for a larger 512GB iPhone XS Max if you want all of your pictures, apps and files in one place. 

A powerful A12 Bionic chip works with the advanced Neural Engine to make everything you do on this device quick and efficient. With up to 15 percent quicker performance and 50 percent better energy efficiency than the previous A11 chip. 

This powerful yet efficient chip can handle the latest augmented reality apps, the newest online games and various other functions with ease. You can enjoy these demanding features without worrying about the battery draining too quickly.