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If you are thinking about buying your first iPhone or smartphone or making the change from android, Apple iPhones has several models you can choose from. If you are looking to set your teens up with an Apple iPhone but don't want to start with the latest iPhone 7 plus, you can start with an earlier model. eBay can help you purchase the iPhone you need from a range of new and used Apple iphones. When choosing a smartphone, Apple iPhone is a top of the range option. 

Iphones, Macs and Ipads connect

If you own an iPhone, iPad and Mac, your information connects from one device to the other. You can quickly sync photos to all of your devices and access work or personal files.  The connectivity between the systems is consistent, its all Apple owned. 

More Apps, Updates and Memory

Apps is one of the reasons to choose an Apple iPhone. Most of the popular apps are on both platforms but there are more apps available to iPhones than android. All iPhones models from iPhone 5 have access to the operating system updates. Depending on the model, Your iPhone can have memory from 16GB to 128GB.

Which iPhone? 

How you use your iPhone is key to which model you might buy. A photographer will look at iPhone 6, 6s or 7 and 7s for example for the 12Mp camera with improved pixels, the 5Mp camera on the front for taking selfies, not to mention the 3 second animation of the live shots. Size differs between the models as does the casing so it could be as simple as which is easier to hold. If you primarily want a phone, some apps and a compact size then an iPhone 5  will do it.

Shopping for Apple Phones on eBay is easy. You can choose how you shop - by iPhone model or storage capacity. See the best selling iPhones and limited time deals. Select between New or used iPhones. The choices are many but eBay makes it easy for you by providing helpful categories.