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iPod Mini

The iPod Mini is the smaller version of what would become the Apple iPod Classic.

Apple made the first generation of iPod Minis were available in silver, gold, pink, blue and green, and has a greater storage capacity than that of the Apple iPod Shuffle at 4GB. The second generation came in either 4GB or 6GB and in the same colours other than the gold. It introduced the iconic click wheel in a smaller model of iPod, which was touch sensitive and doubled as buttons to navigate the device.

Using a thumb or finger, users can trace the wheel to scroll up and down through options and click the central button to select. The four different buttons on the wheel allowed the user to click between menus, forward, rewind, skip, pause and play songs. On the top of the device is a lock button to prevent buttons being pressed while the iPod Mini is in a pocket or bag. Music is uploaded onto the device via Apple iTunes through a FireWire or USB connection.

The first generation of iPod Mini has approximately 8 hours of battery life, which was heavily improved in the second generation and was increased to 18 hours. Both models weigh the same (102 grams or 3.6 ounces) and its casing consists of anodised aluminium.

The iPod Mini was later replaced with the iPod Nano, which was discontinued in 2017. Newer models of the iPod Nano are similar in design to the iPod Touch (which resembled the iPhone), but initially looked like longer, slimmer iPod Minis. In its first iteration, the iPod Nano came with storage capacities of 1GB, 2GB and 4GB, and the last model is only available in 16GB. There are a wide variety of colours spanning each of the different models, and the click wheel is featured in all models but the sixth and seventh redesigns.

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