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Let The Vacuum Do The Work

While there are some people who seem to take a strange pleasure in cleaning, there are many more who would be quite happy if they never had to lift a hand to clean ever again. It seems it might be a while before full-house cleaning is fully automated - wouldn't it to be awesome to live like The Jetsons? - but in terms of vacuum cleaning, this actually is something that can be done by a robot.

Robotic vacuums have been around for some time now, with one of the best-known brands being iRobot. Working in much the same way as traditional bagged or bagless vacuums - in that it cleans a variety of surfaces using vacuum technology - a robotic vacuum simply does the job itself. Using a pre-set algorithm, the robotic vacuum works out the area that needs to be cleaned, zig-zagging over the area repeatedly to ensure every inch gets cleaned. Sensing particularly dirty spots, or when carpets need more cleaning, it takes its time to get the job done right. iRobot's iRoomba comes in a variety of styles, with some models that work particularly well with pet hair, while the iScooba adds water to the process, to ensure an even deeper clean.

Buying iRobot Batteries

When not in use, the iRobot sits on its charger, which is plugged into mains power. To allow it to clean while not plugged into the mains, it of course, needs a battery. At some point, the iRobot vacuum battery will need to be replaced. Just like any other rechargeable battery, it only holds so many charges. Luckily, eBay makes it easy to find a wide range of batteries for the iRobot, compatible with all models and generations. When buying an iRobot battery, it may be worthwhile to invest in new brushes and filters as well, to ensure the iRobot can continue doing its job, in the most efficient way possible.

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