DC-DC Step-Up Adjustable Power Boost Converter 2-24V to 2-28V 2A (SX1308)

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"SX1308 DC-DC Step-Up Adjustable Power Boost Converter SX1308 booster module carries the SX1308 chip, it is a small and highly efficient module. The output power can be adjusted to a maximum of 28V and it has a low RDS internal resistance of 100mΩ metal oxide semiconductor field effect transistor (mosfet) which can produce a large current output of up to 2A. It widely used in 3G network products, digital products, mobile power supplies, battery power supplies, and other equipment, etc. Features: Oscillation frequency 1.2MHz Efficiency is as high as 95% Circuit has short circuit protection, overheating protection function. 10k to adjust potentiometer, adjust the output voltage Maximum input voltage: DC 2-24V Maximum output voltage: DC 2-28V Switching frequency: 1."
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