USB WiFi CNC DC-DC Voltage Current Step-down Power Supply Module Buck Voltmeter

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About this item

Brand New
More than 10 available
Shell Type
S06A, RD6006, RD6006W (Optional)
Response time of constant pressure mode
2 ms (0.1a-5a load)
Display screen
2.4-inch color LCD
External temperature sensor, range
- 10 ℃ ~ 100 ℃ / 0 ℉ ~ 200 ℉
Input voltage range
6-70.00 V

Item description

"There are two versions of rd6006: rd6006 and rd6006-w. rd6006-w has WiFi card, but rd6006 does not. Rd6006-w can be connected to applications and software using WiFi card, or to SOLFTWARE computer using micro USB cable."
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