Pet Dog Cat Fur Coat Grooming Brush Slicker Pin Brush Ergonomic Soft Grip Handle

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About this item

Brand New
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Suitable for dogs and cats
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Single Sided Grooming Brush
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"Benefits of Grooming Regular grooming of all pets can help contribute to longer, healthier lives. The benefits of grooming your pet regularly can include making your pet more comfortable and clean, as well as having attention paid to often overlooked parts of your dog or cat. There are many direct health benefits of grooming your dog or cat. Regular brushing of all pets, despite coat length or type, helps to keep the coat and skin healthy. Brushing in between bath times helps to keep them clean, removing dead hair, dirt and other debris from the coat. Brushing is a vital part of pet care, as it works to distribute the natural oils of the skin throughout the coat, promoting a healthier coat, and cleaner skin. In addition, brushing may help to point out any abnormalities in your pets body, such as sores, growths or bald spots."
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