Remo Black PS3 22" Resonant UT Bass Drum Head with Control Ring

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About this item

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"REMO 22" EBONY POWERSTROKE 3 RESONANT UT BASS DRUM HEAD Ebony® Powerstroke 3® heads have become extremely popular for the fronts of bass drums due to their depth, balanced sound and classic look. REMO UT HEADS Remo UT drum heads feature Remo's premium USA made mylar film with a crimp lock collar. The milar is the highest quality available from Remo & delivers superior sound. They should not be confused with Remo UX, UK and Encore heads which all use a lower grade Chinese made mylar & have inferior sound quality and shorter life span. REMO EBONY POWERSTROKE 3 RESONANT UT BASS DRUM HEAD The Ebony® Powerstroke® 3 features a thin underlay at the outer edge of the head to subtly dampen unwanted overtones. Ebony® P3 heads are best known for use as a resonant bass drum head."
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