2pcs 12V 200A EC5 Connector Jumper Cable Alligator Clamps Booster Battery Clips

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2pcs x Jumper Cable with Battery Clamps
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Black, Red

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"Description: - Voltage Rating: 12V - Starting Current: 200A - Operating Temperature: 0C-60C - Wire Guage: 10 AWG; RED (+) 9.4" length; BLACK (-) 9.8" length - Strong Alligator Clamp Clip with EC5 Connector (Fit for most car jump portable starters) Usage of Car Jump Starter: 1. Connect the red battery clamp of jumper cable to the positive (+) battery and connect theblack to the negative pole. 2. Connect the cord of jumper cable into socket of the jumper starter. 3. Start the vehicle. Cautions: 1. Do not reverse the operation sequence of the jump starter. 2. Do not use jump starter to start vehicle if the number of battery indicators are less than 3 to protect the jump starter from damage. 3. Do remove the product from the vehicle within 30 seconds after the vehicle started, or it may cause security incidents. 4."
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