Pair Concave Black Walnut Wood Ear Plugs Organic Saddle Gauges Earrings Tunnels

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Please note that no two plugs are identical. There will be a slight variance in the grain, color and tone of the wood, due to the product being made from raw, natural materials. Also, little dents, pores and other minor imperfections may be found on items made out of wood. We will do our best to match up the two most alike pieces, so you are happy with the pairing.
167 sold
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Concave Saddle Fit Organic Wood Ear Plugs Gauges
Ear Area
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"These ear plugs feature one concave face and one flat one. Wearing natural organic material ear gauges, ear tunnels and ear plugs will help reduce bad odor. Organic ear gauges, tunnels, plugs and tapers are made out of natural material and they."
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