10 Surprising Ways to Make Money on eBay

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Whether you’re on your way to living a minimalist existence or just itching to give the house a good clear out – if you’ve got stuff you’re not using, why not swap the clutter for money? 

How to Declutter Your House

Start by taking a walk around each room of your house and do a quick scan of the things you don’t use – the bundle of baby clothes in the garage, the cupboard full of toys, the appliances at the back of the kitchen corner cabinet or the tech drawer with your old phones. A good rule to apply when deciding what to sell is if you haven’t used it in the last 12 months, make money off it instead.

Listing things to sell has never been quicker – download the eBay app, take photos on your phone or tablet then create your listing. Don’t forget, private sellers get 40 free insertions each month. Now is the perfect time to unlock the untapped value sitting inside your home.

1. Kids Clothes in Drawers or Storage

One of the most surprising ways to make extra money is by taking a look through your kids’ drawers and cupboards. Kids and babies typically grow out of clothes well before they wear them out – it's time to tap into that goldmine!

A great technique for selling kids and baby clothes on eBay is to sell in bundles. You'll save time by only needing to create the one listing and send the one parcel. If you’re a private seller, selling by bundle uses just one of the 40 free insertions you receive each month.

Bundle kids clothes into groups for simple selling and sending.

Bundle kids clothes into groups for simple selling and sending.

2. Appliances in the Kitchen

If Clooney got to you too and you find yourself with a Nespresso machine that’s not being used, perhaps it’s time for a kitchen cleanout. Coffee machines, slow cookers and big ticket items like KitchenAid and Thermomix mixers are a great way to make some extra money and a great chance to declutter your equipment down to what you really use.

3. Books & Toys in the Playroom

The Lego set that everyone loved building at Christmas that’s no longer the star attraction could be making you a pretty penny (or helping you fund the next set).

If you’ve got kids toys or books with barcodes we recommend busy parents try their luck with eBay Valet. Rather than adding another job to your list, simply send the items to our Valet partner and they’ll do the selling for you.

Kids toys or books with barcodes can be sold with eBay Valet.

Kids toys or books with barcodes can be sold with eBay Valet.

4. Sports Equipment in the Garage

We’ve all got expensive sports equipment tucked away in the house or garage with life left in them yet. Selling your old golf clubs, ski equipment, snowboards, surfboards, tennis rackets and more is a great way to put some money back in your pocket.

To get a rough idea what you could get for your stuff go to ebay.com.au then use the filters on the left side of the page to find items like yours. Refine this list to ‘Show only’ > ‘Sold listings’ and you’ll be able to see what similar products have sold for.

6. Mobiles in the Tech Drawer

As well as being a great way to make some serious cash quickly, creating a listing for your phone on eBay takes only a minute (yes, seriously) with eBay’s very clever listing and valuation tool.

There’s around $8.6 billion worth of second-hand mobile phones sitting in forgotten drawers and cupboards in Aussie homes. A 64GB iPhone 7 has an average selling price of $500, and a 64GB iPhone 5 (released some three and a half years ago) sells for $205. Now is the time to sell that old phone*.

Did you know? A

Did you know? A

5. Car Parts in the Shed

Almost two decades after eBay launched in Australia, car arts & accessories continue to be one of our biggest categories. If you’ve got parts that you’ve collected or stuff leftover from your last project why not make some extra money?

A great way to help your parts stand out from the crowd is by including what vehicles your parts are compatible with. You can check what vehicles your parts are compatible with by taking a look at our Master Vehicle List (MVL).

7. Handbags in the Wardrobe

Valuable items like branded handbags, watches and sneakers fetch a strong price on eBay. A Chanel classic flap bag has an average selling price of $3490. Auction is a great way to sell high value, in demand, branded items – the more people that want to buy the item, the higher the selling price goes.

Branded and luxury items are always on the wanted list.

Branded and luxury items are always on the wanted list.

8. Replacing old Furniture?

If you’ve got bulky items to sell and want to keep things simple by only offering in person pick up you can do that on eBay. Whether it’s a couch, cupboard, fridge or even building supplies, you can set your listing to pick up only.

9. Retro Tech in the Rumpus Room

Retro tech items are as popular as ever with a Nintendo Game Boy still fetching an average of $92. Vintage cameras are always popular with collectors with around 2600 of them snapped up each month and an average selling price of around $107*!

10. Cameras in the Cupboards

If you no longer use your old point and shoot camera because you’ve made the investment into DSLR why not sell?

Likewise, if you’re a professional thinking about upgrading or simplifying your kit, you’ll be pleased to know a pre-owned Canon 5D MKIII has an average selling price of $1792. If you’ve got an old camera, we’ve got a marketplace thriving with buyers looking to buy what you’re selling!