12V battery chargers

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I would like to start this by saying I have been involved in the security industry for 20 years and ran my own security business for 6 years. My best mate is an auto electrician with 25 years experiance. Recently when I folded my security company in march 2010, I decided to join him in roadside breakdown contracting to various companies. I also did a course and successfully gained certificate 1 and 2 in automotive techonolgy. On completion of my course I started selling btteries and other accessories on ebay under the new user name batteriesdirect, from mid november. Now to get on with the guide as the heading sugests. 12v battery chargers. But it also applies to 6v, 24v, 36v charger and basically any charge. Recently we have removed 3 chargers from capervan all CTEK chargers and were seeking within the industry why these chargers failed. No one had a clue. So I decided to check the website from the manufacturer and found a very intresting thing. They had a charger there MXS3600 suggested use for caravans, 4wd and etc and capable to recharge a battery upto 75AH. This is where I spotted the problem with the charger. The chargers maximum charge is 3.6Amps. And they are saying it can charge a 75AH battery. It probably can but that charger will be working very hard to charge that battery. Our rule of thumb is 10% of the battery. So there for if the battery is 75Ah then the charger must be able to charge at 7.5Amps. Double what they recommend. It's like a battery if 480CCA is required to crank the car and you say installed a 600CCA battery then it will have plenty to crank the car and to add extra accessories and not overload the battery. So when buying a charger always make sure it is 10% of the battry you are charging 120AH battery will need 12Amp charger and no 6Amps as recommended. I hope this will help you when you next decide to find a beter charger for your battery. The other thing you should keep in mind that it is a battery maintanence charger and auto matic.
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