$5 - $10 and $20 DOLLAR * Star * Banknotes at Auction

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FIVE DOLLARS, Phillips/Randall (1969)
ZNC 08485* (R.203s)  Cleaned heavily on watermark panel, otherwise, crisp body, nearly very fine est$2750.00 Nov07
ZNC 24062* (R.203s)  aEF  est$9K  Mar08
ZNC 38550* (R.203s)  Small tear at top right, heavy creasing otherwise fine. $680.00
ZNC 48603* (R.203s)  VF Oct07  VF May08
ZNC 51081* (R.203s)  Uncirculated and rare in this condition. est$15K  Apr08
ZNC 64672* (R.203s)  Repaired closed tear top margin, gVF  May08
ZNC 72476* (R.203s)  Nearly extremely fine est$4000.00  Nov07
ZND 02012* (R.203s)  Extremely RARE Prefix aEF. Oct07  aEF. May 08

FIVE DOLLARS, Coombs/Randall (1967)
ZNA 12324* (R.202s)  Nearly uncirculated and rare.
ZNA 28760* (R.202s)  Sl foxing on LH margin. EF or better  May08
ZNA 31119* (R.202s)  Heavy centre fold VF est $1500.00
ZNA 58416* (R.202s)  Fine  est$800  July08
ZNA 77840* (R.202s)  Crisp, extremely fine est$2.5K July08
ZNA 87286* (R.202s)  Flattened of centrefold, otherwise good extremely fine est$8000 Nov 07
ZNA 87286* (R.202s)  " " "   " " " est$7500 Apr08, July08
ZNB 10130* (R.202s)  Light centre fold - else UNC  May08
ZNB 12139* (R.202s)  Very good. $1100.00
ZNB 27081* (R.202s)  Near VF  May08
ZNB 35685* (R.202s)  Nearly fine $740.00  Nov 07
ZNB 50525* (R.202s)  Has seen circulation, but no problems. F-gF  $1300.00
ZNB 74196* (R.202s)  gVF and RARE est$2200.00
ZNB 81812* (R.202s)  Soiled, creases and folds, very good. $950.00 July07
ZNC 36956* (R.202s)  Good fine. $2400 July07

TEN DOLLARS, Coombs/Wilson (1966)
ZSA 14615* (R.301s)  Vertical folds, small tone spot at top, nearly extremely fine. est$1K Apr08
ZSA 23781* (R.301s)  1st prefix serial gVF  $600.00 Oct07
ZSA 35966* (R.301s)  VF  May08
ZSA 39660* (R.301s)  VF  $750.00 Oct07
ZSA 44930* (R.301s)  see below
ZSA 44931* (R.301s)  UNC Consecutive pair  May08
ZSA 47968* (R.301s)  Good fine. 300.00 Nov 07 *Resold on eBay $407.00 Dec07*
ZSA 55853* (R.301s)  Folds and creases, good fine. $370.00
ZSA 57331* (R.301s)  Light centre fold else-UNC  May08
ZSA 57931* (R.301s)  Good very fine. July08
ZSA 60591* (R.301s)  aVF $600.00
ZSA 69724* (R.301s)  Good extremely fine. $940.00
ZSA 75635* (R.301s)  Flattened very fine. est$400  Apr08
ZSA 81124* (R.301s)  Repaired 5mm tear, VF+. Oct07 $500.00
ZSB 03645* (R.301s)  Tear of 1 cm, tear at edge (in centre), otherwise fair. $130.00  Nov 07
ZSB 07652* (R.301s)  EF  $1700.00 Oct07
ZSB 20371* (R.301s)  Light handling, virtually uncirculated. est$2.5K  Apr08
ZSB 21574* (R.301s)  Nearly fine. est$300  July08
ZSB 26403* (R.301s)  Two minor tears in right edge otherwise crisp very fine. $500.00
ZSB 27370* (R.301s)  Good fine.
ZSB 28333* (R.301s)  Light creases and folds, crisp, good very fine. $1000.00 July07
ZSB 30638* (R.301s)  Flattened, otherwise nearly very fine. est$370  Apr08
ZSB 36902* (R.301s)  Nearly Fine  $300.00 Nov 07
ZSB 40081* (R.301s)  Minor creases and folds  July08
ZSB 45189* (R.301s)  Flattened, otherwise nearly very fine. $340.00  Nov 07
ZSB 68443* (R.301s)  UNC.  May08
ZSB 69202* (R.301s)  Virtually UNC. May08
ZSB 70230* (R.301s)  Flattened, otherwise nearly very fine/very fine. $700.00 July07
ZSB 72394* (R.301s)  Near EF  Oct07,  May08
ZSB 75633* (R.301s)  Fine  est$300  Apr08
ZSB 78596* (R.301s)  Folds and creases, very good. $260.00
ZSB 80178* (R.301s). Hint of a light centre fold. aUNC July08
ZSB 82369* (R.301s)  VF  Oct07,  VF May08
ZSB 97808* (R.301s)  flattened gVF $700.00
ZSC 01004* (R.301s)  Slight stain gVF $850.00
ZSC 21571* (R.301s)  Many creases and folds, fine. est$300  Apr08
ZSC 43191* (R.301s)  aUNC  May08
ZSC 51170* (R.301s)  Uncirculated. est$4000.00 Nov07
ZSC 51170* (R.301s)  " "  est$3700  Apr08
ZSC 52769* (R.301s)  Virtually uncirculated July08
ZSC 56537* (R.301s)  Edge tear and minute holes otherwise very good. $260.00
ZSC 59310* (R.301s)  Some tone spots and heavy folds, nearly fine. $320.00
ZSC 80157* (R.301s)  Very Fine $400.00  Nov 07
ZSC 92188* (R.301s)  Flattened of folds and creases, good fine. $800.00 July07
ZSC 97028* (R.301s)  Flattened VF  July08
ZSD 07411* (R.301s)  Fine. est$350  Apr08

TEN DOLLARS, Coombs/Randall (1967)
ZSD 29416* (R.302s)  Nearly very fine  est$1K  Apr08
ZSD 37862* (R.302s)  a nice fresh Fine $1700.00
ZSD 45995* (R.302s)  Nearly very fine  est$1.5K  July08
ZSD 47720* (R.302s)  Nearly uncirculated est$12.5K unsold Nov 07
ZSD 47720* (R.302s)  Nearly uncirculated est$11.5K  Apr08
ZSD 53650* (R.302s)  Many creases and folds, otherwise fine and rare. $860.00
ZSD 54031* (R.302s)  "90" written on back, slightly soiled otherwise fine.  July08
ZSD 78147* (R.302s)  Virtually uncirculated  est$12.5K  July08
ZSD 78295* (R.302s)  Folds and creases, good body, fine.  est$750  Apr08
ZSD 78456* (R.302s)  Very good and rare.$620.00
ZSD 80191* (R.302s)  gVF  $1200.00 Oct07
ZSD 89099* (R.302s)  nick out of bottom edge otherwise fine and rare. $740.00
ZSD 94982* (R.302s)  gEF  May08
ZSE 13729* (R.302s)  aEF  $3600.00 Oct07
ZSE 23421* (R.302s)  Good very fine  est$3000.00 Nov 07 unsold
ZSE 27026* (R.302s)  Nearly extremely fine  $4000.00  Nov 07
ZSE 44374* (R.302s)  Flattened of folds and creases, otherwise nearly very fine. est$1750
ZSE 58590* (R.302s)  Flattened otherwise nearly extremely fine. est$4000July07  est$3000.00 unsold Nov07
ZSE 58590* (R.302s)  " " "   " " "  est$2400  Apr08

ZSE 66958* (R.302s)  Paper slight tone VF.  May 08 est $1400.00
ZSE 66958* (R.302s)  VF  est$2K Oct07,  VF est$2K May08
ZSE 69481* (R.302s)  Nearly fine and scarce in this condition. $1550.00 July07
ZSE 69934* (R.302s)  VF  $1800.00 Oct07
ZSE 74380* (R.302s)  Folds and creases, very fine or better  est$2.5K July08
ZSE 76349* (R.302s)  Sm edge tear gF. Oct07 $725.00

TEN DOLLARS, Phillips/Randall (1968)
ZSF 00370* (R.303s)  Fine  $450.00
ZSF 28695* (R.303s)  Tear in bottom left edge taped, otherwise nearly fine. $440.00
ZSF 41373* (R.303s)  Flattened of folds and creases, good fine $800.00 July07
ZSF 50037* (R.303s)  Flattened of folds and creases, nearly very fine. $1050.00 July07
ZSF 73466* (R.303s)  Crisp good very fine. $700.00
ZSF 82117* (R.303s)  aVF $850.00
ZSF 98972* (R.303s)  Flattened of folds and creases, fine. $650.00 July07
ZSG 32862* (R.303s)  aEF  $1700.00 Oct07
ZSG 35066* (R.303s)  gEF/aUNC  Oct07,  May 08 est$3.5K
ZSG 48385* (R.303s)  Flattened with jagged tear top right (1.5cm) very fine. $360.00
ZSG 50230* (R.303s)  EF  July08

ZSG 51391* (R.303s)  Top margin Trimmed,  Fine  May 08  sold $450.00 
ZSG 75658* (R.303s)  Fine.  est $350.00 July08
ZSG 94024* (R.303s)  Fine. $460.00
ZSH 00516* (R.303s)  Paper clip rust mark, otherwise nearly extremely fine est$1500 Nov 07 unsold
ZSH 17338* (R.303s)  Repaired tear L.H. margin. F-VF  $600.00
ZSH 17631* (R.303s)  Flattened of folds, otherwise very fine. $1000.00 July07
ZSH 19200* (R.303s)  Lower right corner fold, otherwise crisp extremely fine or better.
ZSH 19200* (R.303s)  Crisp very fine. est$800  Apr08
ZSH 23378* (R.303s)  good Fine $600.00
ZSH 57573* (R.303s)  Good very fine  $830.00 Nov 07

ZSH 59697* (R.303s)  Fine  May08  sold $300.00 
ZSH 61370* (R.303s)  Virtually UNC  May08
ZSH 63388* (R.303s)  Uncirculated  est$6750 Nov 07 unsold
ZSH 63388* (R.303s)  Uncirculated  est$6500  Apr08
ZSH 70732* (R.303s)  Nearly fine. $550.00 July07
ZSH 81591* (R.303s)  Tear 3 mm in top edge at centre, flattened, otherwise very fine. $550.00 July07
ZSH 82244* (R.303s)  Flattened of creases and folds, good fine. $580.00
ZSJ  00048* (R.303s)  VF  $700.00 Oct07
ZSJ  02818* (R.303s)  Three vertical folds otherwise crisp good very fine  est$1K  Apr08
ZSJ 12873*  (R.303s)  aVF $625.00 Oct07
ZSJ 15774*  (R.303s)  Flattened of folds and creases, a few rust spots, good fine. $650.00 July07
ZSJ 17292*  (R.303s)  Fine.  est $300.00 July08
ZSJ 34081*  (R.303s)  Last prefix VF  Oct07,  VF May08 est $600

TWENTY DOLLARS, Phillips/Randall (1968)
ZXA 00645* (R.403s)  Flattened frayed bottom edge, minute pinholes, otherwise fine $720.00  Nov 07

ZXA 014247* (R.403s) Error in catalogue - slight trim to base aVF  May08  sold $950.00
ZXA 02432* (R.403s)  Creases and folds, good fine and rare. $1550.00
ZXA 02432* (R.403s)  Flattened, nearly very fine and rare. $1800.00 July07
ZXA 03292* (R.403s)  Flattened of centrefold otherwise nearly extremely fine $2500
ZXA 03676* (R.403s)  aEF  $4500.00 Oct07
ZXA 04569* (R.403s)  Flattened, nearly extremely fine  est$4K  July08
ZXA 04957* (R.403s)  Trimmed. Fine $920
ZXA 05377* (R.403s)  Flattened of folds, single pinhole, otherwise very fine.
ZXA 05381* (R.403s)  Flattened of centrefold and handling, otherwise extremely fine and very rare as such $5800.00 July07
ZXA 08304* (R.403s)  Two pin holes otherwise fine. Apr08
ZXA 09933* (R.403s)  Two 5mm tears at top, tone spots and pen mark on front.  est $400.00  July08
ZXA 17566* (R.403s)  Flattened of creases and folds, good fine. $1650
ZXA 16339* (R.403s)  Top left corner repair VG  est $600.00
ZXA 17971* (R.403s)  Radar number. Repaired tear L.H. margin. gF  $1200
ZXA 19703* (R.403s)  3mm tear at top, otherwise fine. est $600.00  July08
ZXA 21793* (R.403s)  splits and tears (one repaired) at bottom of note else aVF  est$1250 Feb08
ZXA 21908* (R.403s)  Crisp original note, slightest evidence of handling.  est $12.5K  July08
ZXA 23297* (R.403s)  Nearly very fine. $1500.00 July07
ZXA 23851* (R.403s)  Flattened of centrefolds otherwise extremely fine  est$8K  Apr08
ZXA 26265* (R.403s)  Flattened of folds, 2 mm tear at top of note, very fine.
ZXA 27751* (R.403s)  Flattened of horizontal and vertical folds, nearly very fine $1600.00 July07
ZXA 31508* (R.403s)  Very fine  $2100.00 Nov 07
ZXA 32113* (R.403s)  F+  $825.00 Oct07
ZXA 32921* (R.403s)  Crisp original, nearly uncirculated  est $14K  July08
ZXA 34133* (R.403s)  Good fine $2400.00 July07
ZXA 34990* (R.403s)  Fine. $1000.00
ZXA 36552* (R.403s)  Tear to right of top edge, flattened of centrefold, fine  $1200
ZXA 36915* (R.403s)  Tear under collar and right edge else gFine est $750.00
ZXA 40231* (R.403s)  Tiny edge nick, aVF  May08
ZXA 42138* (R.403s)  Light centrefold and slight creasing to left otherwise nearly Unc  est$5K  Apr08
ZXA 42935* (R.403s)  Small stain at base & ink number on reverse aVF  Oct07, May08 est$1K
ZXA 44356* (R.403s)  Flattened and cleaned, 4mm and 2mm tear at bottom margin, two pinholes, fine. Apr08
ZXA 44725* (R.403s)  6mm tear repair left of centre and 7mm tear repair right of centre, flattened. Good July08
ZXA 45644* (R.403s)  Crisp, flattened of folds, otherwise nearly extremely fine. $3100
ZXA 46213* (R.403s)  aEF  Oct 07,  aEF May08
ZXA 47190* (R.403s). Nearly uncirculated and rare. est 12K  Apr08
ZXA 50676* (R.403s)  8mm repaired tear, gVF. Oct07 $725.00
ZXA 51243* (R.403s)  Tiny edge nick, aVF  $900.00 Oct07 *Resold on eBay $1025.00 Dec07*
ZXA 56391* (R.403s)  Flattened, otherwise extremely fine. $5800.00 July07
ZXA 60401* (R.403s)  Good Fine  July08
ZXA 62246* (R.403s)  Many creases and pinholes, 4mm tear at security thread and a 3mm tear in top margin, near Fine. Apr08

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