5 Set Pro Resistance Bands Exercise Bands Tube Workout

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https:// stores.shop.ebay.au/dawson8933  Pro Resistance Bands

The 5 Set Pro Resistance Bands are made  ahigh quality latex material which is non stretch after constant use. All 5 bands in the set are 1200mm in length from clip to clip, factory tested and proven and i sell them world wide

5- Set Pro Resistance Bands                                                             

Force (002) 10lb - 20lb - 30lb - 40lb - 50lb = 150lb of resistance

The clip system is made from strong steel (non - plastic) circlip link system that will give you more security with your home exercise equipment and training routines

Some of the benefits of resistance band workouts are you can use them in your home fitness programs such as p90x or workout to yoga and pilates or even morning resistance exercise stretching which is so vital to our health and longivety for healthy bones and muscle conditioning. Bands can add great variety to your free weight training and take alot of pressure of your joints. Do away with expensive gym memberships and workout at home.

My bands also come with manuals on resistance band workouts and exercises with resistance bands information on the maintaining your bands for example keepingyour fitness cords out of direct sunlight when not being used which will prevent premature ageing, because they are very similar to elastic resistance bands hanging your bands up after a workout and not folding the tubing can also give them more longivety. This allows the latex a rubber like material to relax and avoid being put under a twisting tension for long periods of time, also this gives you the opportunity to inspect your bands easily for damage before working out. Avoid sharp objects which can damage your bands if you have to use some protection such as padding between the bands and sharp edges i would  highly recommend  it

We also recommend our clients take the bands apart after every workout. Avoid the links becoming tight during workouts by setting exact training distances and monitoring athletes to over stretching. Frequently over stretching the bands is an indication that you are getting stronger, consider going to a stronger strength band

There are literaly hundreds of exercises for resistance bands, strength training, power training,acceleration and agility training, group training, abdominal workouts, you will be amazed what you can do with a set of rubber bands for a resistance workout, did any body ever think what agreat warm up tool resistance bands could be for cricketers, swimmers, softballers, baseballers, martial arts boxing, bodybuilding. If you want to know more about my resistance bands for sale and exercises with resistance bands in general you can contact me for more in depth information via ebay, Thankyou for time

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