A Message from PANDORA Head Office re: Counterfeiting

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A Statement on Counterfeiting & using our Trademarks from
PANDORA (Australia) 

PANDORA designs, manufactures and markets hand finished and modern jewellery made of genuine materials and at affordable prices. The PANDORA jewellery is sold in more than 50 countries on six continents through approximately 10,000 points of sale, including over 320 PANDORA branded concept stores. Founded in 1982 and headquartered in Copenhagen, Denmark, PANDORA employs over 4,800 people worldwide of whom more than 3,500 are located in Gemopolis, Thailand, where the company manufactures its jewellery. PANDORA is publicly listed on the NASDAQ OMX Copenhagen stock exchange in Denmark. For more information, please visit our website*

*Due to restrictions on this guide we cannot list our web address properly. Please enter www into your browser followed by pandora.net to go direct to the PANDORA website.

The PANDORA Trademark
PANDORA has made it a top priority to stop trademark infringement and patent infringement.

The word “PANDORA” is a registered trademark and can therefore not be used for selling jewelry or accessories to jewelry which are not made by PANDORA.

When using the word “PANDORA” in the listing titles on eBay, customers can easily be mislead to believing that this is indeed a genuine piece of PANDORA jewelry. This is therefore considered trademark infringement.

This means that no catch phrases, promotional or marketing phrases using the PANDORA trademark can be used, either stand-alone or in combined phrases like “Pandora Style”, “Fits PANDORA”, “for”, "suit" or “like”. This goes for any headlines, product names or titles. The use of the trademark PANDORA stand-alone and in combined phrases is only accepted in general customer information describing in long text the products offered, “e.g. our products fits the PANDORA bracelets”. Notwithstanding this, no PANDORA figure marks or logos can be used in any way. PANDORA takes trademark infringement very seriously. Removing infringing listings on eBay is just one of several initiatives. All sellers who infringe the PANDORA brand will be contacted in the months to come, so we aim to see a significant decrease in numbers of listings with our name. If sellers – who once before was reported to eBay’s VeRO program for infringing our brand – relist their listing and still uses the name PANDORA, they will risk suspension from eBay.

What fits on a PANDORA bracelet?

The only charms that fit perfectly on the PANDORA bracelets are the original PANDORA charms. The use of non-PANDORA charms will invalidate the warranty of our bracelets. This is due to the thread on the charms must be an exact size in order to fit on the bracelet stoppers. If this thread is even slightly off or different in size, it can easily get stuck and cause the bracelet to break.

How to recognize genuine PANDORA products?
If you want to be sure to buy authentic PANDORA jewelry, please use the below guidelines:

1. Compare the item with the products shown on the PANDORA website.
Visit our website to see if the item can be found in our portfolio. Here you can compare the item on eBay to PANDORA’s products.

2. Check if there is an “ALE” stamp on the piece.
PANDORA’s jewelry is all stamped with our mark ALE. ALE stands for Algot Enevoldsen, which is the name of the father of Per Enevoldsen, founder of PANDORA. Algot used the stamp when he worked as a goldsmith, and Per inherited it and has used it ever since.

3. Check that the products are Made in Thailand of hand finished, genuine Sterling Silver or gold.
All of PANDORA’s jewelry products are handfinished, Made in Thailand and are made of solid sterling silver or 14k or 184 gold. Many copy products are made of non-genuine materials, such as plated silver or aluminium or regular (not Sterling) silver, and many copy products stem from other countries (like China or Hong Kong)

4. Buy your PANDORA jewelry from an authorised dealer
Use the store finder on the PANDORA website to locate an authorized retailer near you. Most sellers on eBay selling PANDORA products are unfortunately using our name to sell counterfeit goods. We advise you to only buy PANDORA products from private sellers who have a few listings and therefore probably are selling items from their own, private collection. We do understand there are people in the community that prefer to buy online rather than go into stores so keeping this in mind we have one PANDORA authorised seller on eBay - Charm*Me. (See below for more details)

5. Is the deal too good to be true?
Then it probably is! As stated above, PANDORA jewelry is hand finished and made from genuine materials.

If you come across very cheap “PANDORA” jewelry, they are very likely to be counterfeit products. You can find recommended retail prices on our website*

*Due to restrictions on this guide we cannot list our web address properly. Please enter www into your browser followed by pandora.net to go direct to the PANDORA website.

Who is an Official Authorised PANDORA Stockist on eBay?

PANDORA in Australia has one seller who is an Authorised PANDORA stockist - Charm Me.
Click on the links below to go straight to their store:


To those of you who may be considering buying counterfeit items, we urge you to remember that by purchasing a counterfeit product you are supporting criminal activity.

Reporting eBay sellers
If you come across a seller on eBay that you suspect to violate our trademark, please contact us with the seller’s username and item number of the listing and we will look into the matter.


If you have any questions, please contact PANDORA and ask for the Brand Protection Team on +612 9986 0660

*Due to restrictions on this guide we cannot list our email address properly.
Please enter AU-e-info2 then @pandora.net


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