ATV Winches

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There are so many different types, makes and models of ATV winches out there that it's really easy to get confused. First, you'll need to ask yourself some why do you need an ATV winch, the type of off road riding you will do in the near future or would like to do, how good are you on your ATV...etc. and of course, you'll need to determine a budget for the ATV winch - you need it so that you'll basically know the type of ATV winches you can afford.
After you've set your budget, it's time to get your ATV weighed. It makes a difference to the type of ATV winch you will get, you see. Place all the usual stuff you will put into the ATV and then weigh it. This will be the weight that you will need to base your purchase on. Yes, yes, place the bags and the ice chest and the toolbox too if those are the stuff you usually carry with you on your ATV. Why, you must be asking. You see, the thing is that we need to get an ATV winch that has a rating that is double the normal weight of your ATV. ATV winches do come in different sizes, strengths, qualities and of course, prices. As you can see, there are many things to take into consideration when shopping for ATV winches, so, it's important to do your homework before you go shopping.
The basics of ATV winches
Before you go and get yourself an ATV winch, here are some general tips and ideas about ATV winches that might help you along the way. Typically, ATV winches can weigh anything from 1,000 to 3,000 lbs and their cable diameter varies between 3/16“ to ¼” and the length of ATV winches can be anything between 25 to 60 feet.
Normally, ATV winches are usually designed and made to fit anywhere on your ATV vehicle just as long as there's a frame for it to be attached to. If you prefer to ride on flat tracks, then you can choose an ATV winch with a short pull but be careful because there's a load limit for short pulls.
And if you want something more sophisticated, so to speak, you can try out another type of ATV winches...the self recovery and portable winches. they can handle heavier load (5,000 to 15,000 lbs) and their cable diameters are about 5/16“ - 7/16”. Now, these types of ATV winches will definitely work very well in all off the road applications and tracks. So, it would be no problem at all for you to take your ATV to difficult and challenging terrains like rocks or canyons, even.
The most important thing, for beginner ATV riders, is to ask the sales person or ask someone who has experience in buying ATV winches before you commit yourself to one.
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