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Non-stick cooking sheets are gaining in popularity and are a must for all the barbecue chefs who want to enjoy their BBQ experience.
The cheaper versions of this product are available from the mass merchants or cheaper online sites, but they just don't cut it for the real BBQ enthusiast. 
They are easy to identify because of the thinner material and cheap price. These products will generally only last for a few uses and can compromise your cooking as well as spoil you're barbecue, as they don't have sufficient coatings of PTFE and have a much thinner core.
The single most important feature that you need to be concerned about is the material used in the manufacture of your barbecue liner.

BBQ-EZY is the only brand which uses Du Pont Teflon® which is certified "PFOA Free" to coat the core mat. There are many imitators in the marketplace but none with the reputation of Du Pont, their innovation and commitment to safety are beyond reproach. Others may claim to have a teflon coating but they deliberately use this term to  mislead consumers as PTFE coatings and Teflon® have different properties, with Teflon® being far superior in reliability and performance.
BBQ-EZY is the only supplier of Nonstick BBQ Cooking Sheets who have researched the needs of the backyard BBQ chef (you) and found that you don't want to be messed around with when it comes to your BBQ. You want quality at an affordable price and you want it to do the job it was designed to do. So if you want to create an extra flat surface to cook on, something that sits on the grill and won't sag or pool liquids, then make sure it's thick enough and not paper thin.
So that's what we did we gave you a choice, depending on how you BBQ, now you can choose from our standard  BBQ LINER/SHEET or our super smooth  PREMIUM BBQ LINER/SHEET. Or if you want a light-weight plate to place over your grill and protect that part of your BBQ from grease and fatty build up then you can't go past the BBQ-EZY standard  RIGID GRILLING SHEET or the ultra strong  PREMIUM RIGID GRILLING SHEET
 Our premium coated BBQ sheets  represent the best value for money purchase available, you get more uses so your cost per barbecue is reduced. Check out our range on our website or ebay store.
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