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Being in the Tv Antenna installation Business in over 25 years have found a need for helping travelers with their demand for small and strong Signal hunting Antennas for Caravans.In the current world of Digital Television all those existing Omni directional and Winding Antennas will be really useless. Now you can sometimes in the good TV Reception Spots  get some  picture on some Stations and nothing or very snowy on others-Well Be Aware that with a Digital Tv in Place (2010-2013) all you get will be Notice on Screen -NO SIGNAL !There is No Doubt of benefits of Digital Tv(Extra Channels, Superb Reception on HDTV etc) and We can Now find a lot of equipment already in use but We also need to start upgrading our Antennas. The only Antenna who works will be Directional Antennas with a Horizontal-Vertical Tilting. All towers Now for Digital tv has Vhf-UHF Polarization and Works in both Polarization Pattern-There is No other way as Having Antenna who you must point it Towards Translator Tower and make sure Your Antenna is in Right polarization Position.
  This is a Sample of Small Directional Caravan Antenna you can manually Tilt Vertically when required.
This Antenna is small at about the Size of Large Pizza Box and very light,Compact and have Build small Booster .We have tested about 10 different Antennas and found this the Best as  works very well in most  Terrains,Easy to Tilt and at really good Price is Very  recommended as Starting Device to get Digital TV !
Poltec 25 is available on Ebay Now......


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