BEWARE of CHEAP Unserviced Non-AU Breathalysers on eBay

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THERE is no excuse to drink and drive. We all know it is wrong and you should never gamble with that old query: ‘‘Am I over the limit?’’.

Either err on the side of caution, or get yourself a small breathalyser unit. But you're probably wondering, which one do I get?
Here's a few things to look out for:

Ease of use
This is fairly straightforward. If you've downed a few drinks you don't want to be fumbling around with the device as you find the right combination of keys to press before you can get it working.

Australian standards compliance requires breathalysers to have a  +-10% accuracy, so make sure your device matches up to this standard.

Apart from the cheap toy gadgets that you shouldn't be wasting your money on, most high-quality breathalysers require recalibration after 6 months(intense usage) or 12 months(regular usage). This means you have to send the breathalyser back to the manufacturer to be re-calibrated. Make sure the product/seller gives sufficient details on the recalibration process, i.e. where to send it to, who to contact etc. The last thing you want is a fully functional breathalyser that you can't use because you can't get it recalibrated. This is commonly the case when the breathalyser is not a known brand, or does not have an Australian Standards Certification.

Because this is a precision instrument, watch out for the extremely low prices offered by dodgy sellers. More often than not, anything below a $100 is a toy. Always check if the product comes with a warranty and the name of the manufacturer.

Australian Standards Certification
The only way to be sure if the product is certified is if it carries the Australian Standards Certified - AS 3547. This would appear in the form of a logo marked clearly on the product.

With the points noted above, I hope more and more people have a greater awareness when choosing to buy a breathalyser on eBay.

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