BLUESKY GEL POLISH: Uncovering The Truth

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Fact or Fiction? We wanted to do some myth busting! By uncovering some common Myths. Find these startling results below!
There is a high degree of contention and even misunderstanding within the beauty industry, this week particularly within the Gel Nail Polish revolution that has stormed the globe since 2010 with absolute vigour. Gel polishes have actually been around for more than 20 years, it’s really only since 2010 that it’s been available to the mass markets and in a format that meant it didn’t require half an hour to remove.
TRUE: Bluesky's Products have passed Australian and European Quality Standards
  • Bluesky's product formulation was enhanced and improved around 18 months ago to exceed Australian and European standards.
    • The outcome being that the formulation was structured to further reduce possible allergens and improve the overall consistency and staying power we all love.
  • It all depends on the chemical ingredients that are used to manufacture the product.
    • Bluesky is free from harmful chemicals that cause adverse reactions to nails and, or the skin and has a gentle formulation that almost anyone can use.
FALSE: Bluesky Gel Polish is Shellac
  • The product was formerly known as Bluesky Shellac. CND trademarked the word “Shellac”, which meant that at the end of 2012, only CND were able to use the term “Shellac” for their products. To further understand the differences refer to the table below.
14+ Days of Amazing High Gloss Wear
Can be cured by UV/LED Nail Lamp
Zero Drying Time
Requires Professional Training
3-Free (No Harmful Chemicals)
No Damage To Natural Nails
For Salon or Professional Use
For Home and Personal Use
Simple and Easy Application
Quick and Easy Removal
Wide Colour Range
  • Bluesky has over 400 colours and growing, that’s why it sought after by many.
  • It’s super affordable, great quality and better yet it’s available to everyone, not just salon professionals!
  • Once and for all, let us be clear that Bluesky Gel Polish is not Shellac.
FALSE: Gel Polishes or Bluesky Gel Polish are made of harsh chemicals that can damage your nails and cause skin irritation
  • We always recommend with any beauty product you test a small amount first to ensure there are no adverse affects. Of course while every precaution has been taken in developing and making this product, there may be some people that may have a reaction. In the unlikely event, we suggest you remove the polish immediately and cease use, if symptoms persist please seek immediate medical attention.
  • Since 2008 hundreds of thousand of people within Australia and around the world have been using and love the product, Bluesky products have an advance and improved formula, which is free of smell and stimulation. No VOC (volatile, organic, compounds), No formaldehyde, No mercury or Lead.
FALSE: All UV Lamps are the same
  • Not all UV lamps are the same. It is just as important to know that not all UV bulbs produce the same UV light. UV light wavelength is very important and will determine just how well an Acrylic; Shellac or Gel Polish manicure will cure. The intensity of the UV light that is generated will vary from bulb and lamp manufacturers, and the service life of the bulb will also vary.
    • Distance of your hand/nails to the UV light
    • Intensity of the UV Light generated – varies between the Bulb and lamp itself
INCONCLUSIVE: UV Lamps are harmful to the skin and causes skin cancer
  • To start with, UV nail lamps have been on the market for over 30 years and there have been no proven reports linking them to premature aging or skin cancer (otherwise, they too would have been banned due to health effects).
  • What the Experts say and support with their research on UV nail lamps:
    • Dr. Robert M. Sayre of Ultraviolet Light Research Foundation
      • “UV Nail Lamps are safer than natural sunlight.”
    • Three experts above also rebut claims that UV nail lamps are unsafe for skin:
      • Doug Schoon, M.S. Chemistry, Chief Scientific Advisor, CND
      • Paul Bryson, Ph.D. Chemistry, Director of R&D, OPI Products
      • Jim McConnell, BA Chemistry, President, McConnell Labs
  • These three experts in their field have performed lab-testing, studies and discussions and all concluded that "UV nail lamps emit relatively low levels of UV light and these exposure levels are considered well within safe levels when they are used to perform UV nail services in nail salons."
TRUE: Hands are less susceptible to UV exposure
  • Hands are less susceptible to UV sensitivity compared to other parts of your body.
  • Why-According to Dr. Sayre, “It would take 6 – 10x more exposure to your hands to produce mild sunburn than it would to produce a burn on your face, abdomen or back. UV Nail Lamps are used on one of the least susceptible parts of your body.” It's as simple as saying that hands get more UV exposure holding the steering wheel of a car or talking on a cell phone outside than they do from the use of UV nail lamps.
Important Guidelines in ensuring your Bluesky Gel Polish gives you 14+ days of wear:
  • If any of the following apply to you, please note that it may affect the results, adhesion and durability on your nails if any of the following may apply:
    • Diabetes
    • Undergoing chemotherapy
    • Pregnant or post-pregnancy
    • Medication for a heart condition or similar
    • Working with strong or commercial-grade chemicals like Citro Clean.
  • It is essential that you look after your nails to ensure you keep them in good health
  • Apply a good quality hand/nail moisturiser and cuticle oil daily.
  • Be aware that your nails and hands need TLC from the elements and everyday stresses we subject them too sometimes.
    • For example: Use protective gloves when washing and doing household chores. Protect them wherever you can. The chlorine in swimming pools may also cause damage to your natural nails.
For Bluesky Gel Polish lovers who are still unsureabout whether to use a UV nail lamp to cure your Gel Polish, here are some great alternatives, so you can still have amazing nails everyday!
  1. Apply a sunscreen (SPF30 or higher) or fingerless gloves to your hands before giving yourself a shellac or gel polish treatment.
  2. If you would rather stay clear of UV lamps altogether and still want can’t live without your Shellac or Gel Polish Manicure, there is always the alternative option of an LED nail lamp.
  • LED (light-emitting diode) nail lamps are risk free due to the lack of ultraviolet rays in the light used, eliminating the exposure to UV light all together.
  • Best of all the LED lamps curesyour Shellac or Gel Polish faster, another reason to switch.
Below is a quick comparison of UV and LED nail lamps:
36W UV Lamps Features 12W LED Lamps
10 seconds Base Coat Curing Time 10 seconds
120 seconds Colour and Top Coat Curing Time 60 seconds
None Automatic Motion Sensor Yes
Means you don’t even need to touch a thing if you don’t want!
Built in 120 second timer
Some models have adjustable timers
Timer Function Adjustable Timer Function
Range from 30-300 seconds (defaults to 180 seconds)
Inconclusive Harmful To Skin No
Every 6 to 12 months Bulb Replacement Timing Every 25,000 hours!!
That’s around 50,000 Gel Polish applications!
Need to remove UV bulbs before transportation Portability More convenient for travel, no need to remove bulbs
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