Battery Charger and Jump Starter Buying Guide

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Battery Charger and Jump Starter Buying Guide

Battery chargers and jump starters are two different products, but they have the same results. Using a jump starter requires that the user hook the cables up to a second car to get the car running again. A battery charger does not need another car to get the battery up and running: It simply needs electricity.

If a consumer drives frequently and does not want to worry about the battery losing power, having both items is very helpful. This is because using a battery charger and jump starter together is a quick option for renewing a dead battery. Learning about the features and differences between battery chargers and jump starters helps one make a more informed purchase. Many types of battery chargers and jump starters are found at auto parts stores or on eBay.

Features of Battery Chargers and Jump Starters

Battery chargers and jump starters together in one combined product are extremely useful to have on the road or at home. The consumer is able to easily use a battery charger to restore a dead battery out on the road, or for a multitude of other uses that require on-the-go power.


The best thing about battery chargers and jump starters is that they are generally fairly compact and lightweight, and easy to take on the road. Most models have a handle on the top for easy carrying, and are ready to use at a moment's notice. They are easily stowed in a boot or back seat and do not take up much space. They are light enough for most users to carry and use themselves without assistance.

Ease of Use

A consumer does not have to be a mechanic or car expert to use a battery charger and jump starter because they plug right into the cigarette lighter for easy use. Some models even have an inbuilt light so the user is able to see what he is doing if he is caught at night with a dead battery. A portable charger works quickly and gets the battery going without frustration or hassle.

Battery Level Indicator

Many battery chargers have light-up indicators on the front, which allows the consumer to see what the battery level is while charging. They also let the user know when the pack needs to be recharged. Some models even offer a reverse polarity alarm, which helps a consumer even further while placing the clamps on the battery to ensure he is doing it correctly. This is helpful for a user who does not have much experience with charging the battery or jumping a car.

Selecting a Battery Charger and Jump Starter

Though most battery chargers and jump starters all achieve the same result, they vary in price according to some of the basic features. Consumers are able to shop for battery chargers according to what their individual needs are.

Amps and Wattage

Most battery chargers are powered with 12-volt batteries. The wattage of the charger varies and there are several options, including chargers that include 6 amps of power up to chargers that offer 10 or 20 amps of power. Battery chargers with a higher number of amps indicate that the chargers lasts longer, and the overall charging times are faster if the chargers have more amps.

Chargers that offer more amps are more costly than chargers with a lower amount of amps. However, for a consumer who wants to charge a car battery immediately and get back on the road, it is worthwhile to purchase a charger and jump starter with a higher number of amps for faster charging.

Solar Battery Charger

An eco-friendly way for a consumer to charge a car battery is with a solar battery charger. This is an inexpensive option, and offers the ability to charge a car using the power of the sun. It works in a cigarette lighter like other chargers, and sits on the car's dash to charge the battery. While the downside to a solar charger is that it is not usable when there is no sun, most of these work if the weather is cloudy. Solar chargers also offer a lower amount of amps/wattage, so they may take a bit longer to fully charge the car's battery.

Five-in-One Charger

A consumer is able to get more for his money when purchasing a five-in-one charger. These offer a range of features, from jump starting a car battery and airing up bicycle tyres, to charging peripheral devices such as cell phones and powering other appliances if needed.

Many of these types of chargers offer an inbuilt light and indicators as well as several ports for convenience. They are generally high amp models, so not only are they capable of many things, but they also work quickly and efficiently. For a consumer who can use all of the features, this is a good option and convenient to take on any road trip or camping trip.

Deciphering Battery Chargers and Jump Starters

Consumers are likely to see a different language of car terms when they are shopping for battery chargers and jump starters. Unless buyers have a general knowledge of cars, these terms may seem confusing. It is easier for buyers to find what they are looking for once they are able to decipher some of the terms they see in listings when looking at battery chargers and jump starters.


Amps are the amount of power the battery offers

A higher number of amps equals a faster charge and more hours of charging time

Trickle Charger

A trickle charger is a battery charger that uses low amperage to charge a battery quickly without overcharging it

Many battery chargers and jump starters use trickle charge technology to charge a car battery successfully and efficiently

Surge Protected

When a battery charger is surge protected it has protection against high voltage spikes

This is a common feature on battery chargers that helps keep the experience safe

Solar Panels

Solar panels use the sun's energy to create power

These offer a lower amount of amperage but charge efficiently during the day

Air Compressor

An air compressor delivers high pressured air

They are useful for inflating balls, mattresses, tyres, and other items


This means that the device can be used with a variety of peripherals

Items like phones, electronics, and tablets can be charged and powered with these ports

Once buyers are familiar with terms associated with these devices, selecting the right ones is much simpler. There are some added features that buyers may or may not need, and that may mean a price difference for consumers shopping on a budget.

How to Buy Battery Chargers and Jump Starters on eBay

Battery chargers and jump starters vary from basic models to fully loaded appliances which do many things. You will find all of these types of chargers and get great deals on them when you shop on eBay. Navigate to battery chargers or use the search box to type in keywords such as "jump starter" to begin browsing.

You will be able to shop by the price range of the charger, and whether it is new or used. Communicate with the seller by clicking the "Ask a Question" button and find out what the charger comes with, such as additional cables and clamps, before you purchase. Check the seller's feedback to ensure that the seller is reputable. Leave your own feedback when your transaction is completed.


For a consumer who travels frequently, or for anyone who does not relish the thought of being stranded on the highway with a dead battery, a battery charger and jumper cable pack is essential. Since jumper cables alone require another car, they are still a hassle to deal with. A battery charger with clamps only requires a cigarette lighter to have a driver back on the road within minutes.

Battery chargers and jump starters are simple to use for anyone, and they are portable and convenient. More expensive models are loaded with extra features that come in handy on a vacation or camping trip, and make powering items, airing up things like portable mattresses, and charging phones simple and easy. They are inexpensive and worth the investment, especially for the peace of mind they bring.

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