Battery Load Tester 6-12 Volts , 100 Amp , 1000 CCA

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In our shop we are selling Battery Load Tester, for us we believe it's a great tool too have for anyone.

A battery load tester allow you to:
  • Check your battery condition  
  • Check your charging system
  • Battery state of charge
  • Monitor your battery performance
  • Decide if your battery need to be recharged or replaced
This good quality instrument is mandatory for testing batteries in a multiple battery application like Automotive, Marine, Small Engine, HVAC & Industrial Technicians and also applicable to calcium batteries .
Can be used for hard top batteries, discharged batteries, maintenance free batteries. 

The large gauge give fairly accurate indications.

Easy to use and it will prevent you from a flat battery, you don't have to be a mechanic to use it.
It take just 10 secondes to do a test. bit of smoke the first time you use it.
User advice: Do not hold the load switch more than 8 secondes, it can warm up quickly and produce a bit of smoke.

The difference with a multimeter is you apply a load and the color coded gauge help you to decide.
A load is a sure way to determine the battery state as you replicate battery working  condition .

Don't let your battery surprise you.Why call a mechanic when you can do it yourself.
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