Beginners guide to Rare Australian coin dates

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Australian Pre-Decimal Coin Dates to Remember,

Over the Years as a coin collector or Investor we learn so much about our passion for collecting, more importantly the dates and values, to help the beginner coin collector, I have listed some rare and valuable dates to remember when collecting Australian Coins.

All these coins listed are Pre-Decimal:

Australian Half Penny 1923
Australian One Penny 1925, 1930 is the rarest coin, 1946
Australian Three pence overdate 1921/1922, this is where the date has been replaced with a different date- very rare.
Australian Six Pence, silver Value, so collect quite a few, as before 1946 these coins were 100% silver content after 1946 50 % silver content.
Australian Shillings 1933
Australian Two Shillings 1932 & 34/35.

So if you like collecting or have just started collecting Australian Pre-Decimal coins, these dates are ones to look out for on your travels.

You dont have to collect every on at once, take your time and build on your collection.

Always make sure that the coins are in fairly good condition and are put in a safe protective place such as a coin album. To keep your coins safe or open a safe deposit box at a local bank or install a safe.

Check out my other guide to see how you grade coins, always remember to take your time and be thorough in your search, do some research there is plenty of help on the internet and there are an array of coin collecting books to help you buy safely.
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