Best 60-inch TVs in the World

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Best 60-inch TVs in the World

The majority of the top 60-inch TVs in the world are still LED or LCD models. The former features backlighting provided by light-emitting diodes, and the latter includes backlighting provided by fluorescent light sources. The latest entry in the large screen television market is the OLED TV, which uses an electrified organic compound to create an image that requires no backlighting. This results in thinner screens and lower power consumption. It also allows for a curved screen design that enhances a cinematic, theatre-like experience.

There are also some terrific plasma screens still available, but every plasma TV manufacturer has either discontinued production or announced its intentions to do so. Ironically, more recent plasma models typically offered excellent picture quality, so a pre-owned plasma TV might be something to look for at online retailers.


Best 60-inch TVs

The best 60-inch TVs in the world often achieve their lofty status by combining excellent picture quality with desirable features, like Smart TV, rapid refresh rates, auto-brightness control, and voice control. Tips for buying a flat-screen TVoften focus on such features, and now there are curved-screen designs to look at as well. Some models also offer ultra high-definition (UHD) capability, and some offer 3D viewing. The following sections offer a look at some of the best 60-inch TVs on the market.

Vizio P602ui-B3 LED

Vizio's entry in the UHD Smart TV derby offers a welcome combination of important features and affordability. Vizio's engineers have put a Smart TV platform in this design. This model gives users the ability to turn on local dimming in 64 different zones in order to maximise blacks and contrast. This is a flat screen TV that does not offer 3D imaging. Vizio's feature-laden Internet Apps Plus refines the experience of streaming Ultra HD movies. The screen displays 8 million pixels to ensure full HD quality.
Vizio's 960 Clear Action function enhances the viewing of sports and action movies. Motion blur is minimised by a rapid 240Hz refresh rate and very powerful image processing. Although this TV has 4K capability, the lack of available 4K movies and special events is still an issue. Vizio responds to this with its Ultra Upscaling technology, which enhances HD productions to UHD quality.

Internet Apps Plus features 802.11ac Wi-Fi that ensures rapid Internet access capable of fully supporting 4K streaming. The backlit keyboard is easy to use in any setting, and it enhances the utilisation of Smart TV.

Sharp-LC-60LE550 LED

Sixty-inch LED TVs with the AQUOS screen also deserve consideration. Sharp's LC-60LE550 offers a sleek, aesthetically pleasing design and a host of important capabilities. For example, three HDMI ports allow buyers to readily connect a variety of entertainment devices to this high-quality TV.

The 120Hz refresh rate minimises motion blur to enhance the enjoyment of sports, action movies and video games. Sharp's auto brightness control adjusts image brightness to correlate with ambient light levels. This results in a better picture and lower electricity costs.

LG 60-inch OLED TV

In late 2013, LG Electronics unveiled the world's first curved OLED TV. This next generation in light-emitting diode technology employs a four-colour pixel system consisting of RGB and a white sub-pixel concept that generates deep, rich colours. The sleek, curved screen appears to almost float in space. At only 4mm thick, it is also a remarkably thin screen. The overall aesthetics of the design are very appealing. LG has also included other advanced technologies in its OLED offering, like Smart TV and Cinema 3D. This is a television equally at home in a luxurious home theatre or upscale restaurant.

Samsung UN60F7100 LED

Samsung has succeeded in creating an intuitive interface for this 60-inch LED model. Its Smart Hub technology makes navigation relatively simple and straightforward, and voice control allows viewers to change channels and select streaming content from the web with voice commands.

The micro-dimming feature optimises picture brightness according to ambient light levels in the room. This feature also reduces the amount of power consumed by this 1080p Samsung unit. The rapid 240Hz refresh rate minimises blur in demanding applications like video games, sports contests and action-packed movies.



Each of the manufacturers noted will typically offer other similar TVs with slightly different features at correspondingly lower or higher prices. Although LED screens are still dominant in the 60-inch market, the arrival of the curved OLED screen is certainly generating excitement. The era of the plasma TV may be slowly drawing to a close, but its vibrant colours and rapid refresh rate still offer select consumers real value. 

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