Beware of fake Dior miniature Perfumes!!!

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I am passionate about Perfumes and love to share my addiction with other perfume lovers out there.  When I travel I buy perfumes and sell them here but recently I have been wondering how some sellers can sell their perfumes soooo cheap and I figured out why!.. They are FAKE! So I purchased this online from Hong Kong, other people had bought the item and their feedback was positive but I wasn't convinced so I purchased an item that I currently sell and here are the pictures of what is an obvious fake!
Fake perfumes can cause bodily harm.  You do not know the true ingredients in the product and can cause sever skin irritations and permanent scaring.
The item pictured on the left is the obvious fake and the item pictured on the right is my original.

Notice the color of the perfumes, the order of the perfumes, the name of the perfumes is also incorrect.  The perfume description booklet is too white as Dior makes them in an off white, I will show more pictures of the inside of the booklet with more obvious differences.

The individual differences of the fake Dior.

Here is a close up of the fake set, notice the chipping in the gold cap of the dior jádore bottle, it looks and feels cheap.  
The Dior Hypnotic Perfume bottle is all wrong, the color of the bottle is completely different from the original pictured below, also the original has 'HYPNOTIC POISON' then 'Dior' written on the bottle, this one only has the Dior name and the print looks very cheap. 
The Dior Addict bottle is the very different, it's purple and the original has a more of a pink shade. It also has a lot of the paint chipping off the lid and is very rough to touch, it is also  placed in the box incorrectly, it's placed on an angle when it should be lying flat.

The individual differences of the original Dior.

Here is a close up of my original, notice the quality of the bottles and the correct labeling.  All the bottles are smooth and perfect in detailing.  The back board sits in the box perfectly and the texture is completely different from the backing above which is like a cheap felt fabric.  The original has vertical and horizontal grains. 

The awful fake Miss Dior and Dolcé Vita

Here is the rest of it, the fake Miss Dior and Dolce Vita. Firstly the arrangement is wrong, Dolce Vita should be next to jádore, then Miss Dior. Again, the color of both perfumes is too yellow, the label on Miss Dior should also state Chérie and the label is a baby pink not white as you can see the picture of the original below.

The original.

The original, I have to state again, the jádore bottle is perfect, next to the Dolce Vita, then the Miss Dior Chérie is perfectly positioned and the details of all the bottles is immaculate as opposed to the awful fake pictured above. 

Booklet differences and ingredients are false and misleading.

Now the booklet, it's an obvious cut and paste in every page other than the last page.  The fake have listed their perfumes according to the order of perfume set out in the set.  The paper used to print is white. 

The original booklet with the true ingre

The original booklet is printed on paper that is off white.  

The order of the perfume description is not the way the set has been put together.
The fake box

The fake box looks very similar to the original with the differences listed below.
This box has been photo shopped as Dior has never released this version and notice that the Dior Addict bottle top is not sitting perfectly in place.

Authentic box

The original box is much cleaner than the fake
There is a grain texture in both boxes but the original has a clearer and cleaner grain texture and slightly more embossed. 
the back of the box has an obviously different picture.

This is what your original should look like.

Absolute Perfection. 
As tempting as it may be to purchase cheaper perfumes online be mindful that the quality of the fake items can cause serious skin irritations as you do not know of the chemicals they put into it. 
Even though the seller may not accept refunds or returns, if you pay with PayPal you are guaranteed that if you purchase a fake item you will get 100% of your money back if you lodge a claim within 45 days of purchase.  All items from overseas and Australia should always reach you within 28 days. 

I hope I've helped someone out there.. xx