Body Jewellery Sterilisation

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I get asked a lot do i need to sterilise my new jewellery before i wear it and the answer is YES.

Although I sell only brand new jewellery and can ensure it's never been worn as it comes factory direct no jewellery can be called sterile until you do so prior to insertion into your piercing, as it has been handled to be packed into bulk packaging at the factory or may have been handled by wholesalers etc and repackaged .
All good sellers and Piercers will advise you that you should sterilise all body jewellery every time you intend to wear it or change it for another piece.

The simplest way to sterilise is with a good anti bacterial soap (such as detol) and hot water before inserting it into your piercing and cleaning the piercing with an isopropyl alcohol solution or wipe is also a good idea to make sure it's clean.In addition, our professional advice is to at least wash your hands well, and the area of the piercing before replacing any jewellery in any piercing. There are a number of products on the market which you can use in your washing to ensure that you are free of bacteria. Consult your local chemist or pharmacist if your unsure. Ear care solution (the little bottle of spray they give you after you get your first ear piercings) is also good as it contains an isopropyl alcohol solution. Back to Sterilisation methods......Other methods of sterilisation include steam heat, boiling water, sound, alcohol, etc... but you must be careful of the type of jewellery you are sterilising, bio-safe jewellery and jewellery with Gemstones can often be damaged if boiled or steamed and some alcohols can also degrade the plastic or loosen gems which is why my prefered method is good old hot water and anti bacterial soap.
I hope this has helped you xx Dani
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