Brand New Black MK4 GHD Professional Hair Straightener

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Brand New Black MK4 GHD Professional Hair Straightener and Styler!

The MK4 GHD Professional Hair Straightener and Styler is regarded worldwide as the best styler that money can buy!!!

The reason behind this claim is the unique built in micro-processor, used to not only to conduct heat fast but also retain it more efficiently, resulting in an instant long lasting heat for optimum styling control.

The benefits to you are that the GHD Hair Straightener's advanced infrared heating technology actively protects your hair by sealing in its natural oils, moisture and hair colour, guaranteeing you beautiful straight hair, with an attractive healthy shine and a static-free sheen.

The GHD Hair Straightener has other safety features too including a flashing LED power light to show when straightener has reached its highest temperature and a clear LED power light when the straightener is turned off, just for your protection!

The new Shiver Mode also combats the condensation that can damage stylers, when the room temperature is below 5 degrees C, your GHD Styler will shut down to protect itself until the temperature rises.

MK4 GHD Styler features include:

    *   The GHD's exciting slick new design, incorporates a hair straightener and styler in one appliance

    *   The more rounded barrel creates curls, twirls, flicks and waves, so that you'll never need to have the same look twice

    *   Advanced ceramic heaters are the best surface for a static free shine

    *   Built in safety with the new sleep mode, which turns the styler off if left unattended for 30 minutes

    *   The MK4 also has auto multi voltage system which works worldwide for international users

    *   This GHD Hair Straightener comes with its own, Genuine GHD hologram technology, on both the iron and power cord

    *   And the GHD MK4 now comes with a 24 month GHD Warranty to give you more peace of mind

Enjoy your eBay experience!!!

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