Buying Mobile Phone on eBay Aust

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Buying a mobile phone on ebay can be fun and also tricky. I have been buying and selling mobile phone on ebay for 3 years. I have been fraud, tricked and also trashed. You must be very careful when buying mobile phone on ebay.



There are a few things to look:


1. Seller Feedback Rating

Check whether the seller have a reasonable rating (>98%) or powerseller. Go inside his feedback check whether the seller hav sold a lot of mobile phone in the past. If you found the seller sold other things like (toys, cutlery, clothings)low priced item. You must think twice, because the seller ebay a.c could have been hijacked by someone else. If the seller have sold a lot of high priced item in the past, that means he is a quite credential seller.

2. Item and Seller Location and

Check whether the item is shipped from overseas or local australia. Item shipped from overseas (HK,China,USA) can attract a huge amount of customs GST duty. Country that I only trust comes to buying phone is HK.

3. Postage Cost and Insurance

Always check how much the seller charge for postage. Because this is what they use to make huge profit. By blowing OUT the postage cost, they can avoid paying huge fees to ebay. When buying stuff from overseas and local ALWAYS get insurance, so anything happen to your phone your covered.DO NOT use Exprest Post Aust they are very dangerous for phone. Usually for a medium sized phone in a box, you will be looking around $40 - $55 for postage and insurance from HK and local would be around $15 - $30 for Aust Registered and Insured Parcel. If you pay more than that your getting ripped off.

4. Payment Method

The best payment method is by PAYPAL because it gives you insurance cover up to 1500aud. Bank deposit is also good, but paypal is still better. DO NOT pay by Western Union Fund Transfer, only fake seller use this method.

5. Phone Conditions

Ask the seller whether the phone is UNLOCKED,brand new or not, sealed, have international quarantees card and have Australian style adaptor. Quarantee card and Receipt must be included in every sales. So if your phone is faulty you can get it fixed for free.

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